Sunday, 15 May 2011


Just a quick one, I went into Boots before work today and made a few purchases. I am in serious need of new eyelashes so I thought I'd go wild and try some different ones that I've read quite a lot about on people's blogs recently...

I'm usually all about Eyelure. I've tried every single pairs of their lashes from natural daywear ones to double thickness dramatic ones. But I'd heard a lot about Ardell lashes so I went for number 105 which look similar to my favourite Eyelure ones. I'm not convinced I'll like the glue in these as I have never found one I like as much as Eyelure, but saying that I've got about 9 bottles in my makeup bag!

On the subject of eyelashes, HOW excited am I about the new Superdrug handmade eyelashes. For under £5 for a set of single thickness lashes, I REALLY can't wait to work my way through the collection. I've got July 6th written in my diary as a date to remember!!

I also took the plunge and went for an Illuminating pen for under my eyes. I don't really notice it much usually but in pictures my dark circles under my eyes are disgusting. I really want a top range one but went for Collection 2000 for my first one to see how I get on with it. I've heard great reviews on this for a cheaper end of the range product, although I think all of the shades looked REALLY pale for my skin so I might just use the tiniest amount and blend blend blend!

I also bought a new Mascara because I feel like I need to get out of my mascara rut. I always use Bourjoir clubbing in blackest black (normal in the day, waterproof at night) and wanted to see what the fuss was all about for these 'false lash effect' mascara. 

Only problem is I didn't read the blood label and I picked up a brown/black colour which I CANNOT use so I'm going to have to give it to mum and go and buy a new one. Really annoyed because I wanted to use it straight away and test it out but nope, I'm an idiot and didn't buy the right one. So that's me off to boots on my lunch break tomorrow... 


  1. OMG I loveee eyelashes and so far im defo a Eyelure girl with the double thickness ones being my fav, Ive tried the girls aloud ones and didnt rate them at all despite everyone saying they loved them.
    Defo gona have to give the superdrug lashes for under a fiver a go too as eyelashes are quite an expensive habit of mine coz i never reuse them... mostly coz i pull them off while drunk n god knows where they end up haha. x x

  2. I'm exactly the same, I've got a load of odd ones floating around in the bottom of my eyelash box (yes I have a box especially for them....) but I've never managed to find a pair!
    From what I've seen there's quite a few different ones in the range, and they do double thickness ones as well. If you buy them in July I think they're like £1 cheaper on a promo so I may stock up if they're any good!
    I know what you mean about the girls aloud ones, the Cheryl ones are OK but Eyelure are by far the best!!

  3. I've attempted eyelashes only a couple of times...these being eyelure and the girls aloud version and for some reason they will not (no matter how hard I press down) stick to my eyelids and just look ridic on me. How do you get them to stick?


  4. All my mates ask how I get eyelashes to sick coz they can never manage it, I done lashes as part of my make up course and my advice is to make sure the glue is tacky, so let it dry abit before attempting to stick them on.
    Oh I didnt even try the cheryl lashes coz i was so disappointed by the nicola ones (i have a lil soft spot for nicola)
    haha loving the idea of a box for lashes im in need of one of those x x x

  5. I always put a layer of glue on and let it dry totally, then put another line of glue and wait 30 seconds for it to go tacky before I stick them on. I used to hate them because I could only ever do one eye then the second one wouldn't stick!!
    I have issued with the glue as well, the only one I can use is Eyelure, any others just do not work on me!