Sunday, 27 May 2012

Summery OOTD's....

Hey loves, it's been a bit quiet on here this week (again, I know, poor excuses...) but I've been so busy getting things sorted for Oz and catching up with everyone before I go! I went out on Friday to meet some old work colleagues for a Nando's and a glass of wine or two...

Top: H&M
Skirt & Necklace: Primark
Bag: River Island
Watch: ASOS
Bracelets/Rings: Various

And then for an all you can eat chinese with the boyfriend last night (any excuse to stuff yourself silly really) and made the most of the nice weather to wear a floaty dress for maximum belly feeding!

Dres: New Look
Jacket: Topshop
Bag: River Island
Necklace: Miss Selfridge
Sunglasses: H&M
Watch: ASOS
Bracelets/Rings: Various

I'm away next week (off to a secret location for a few nights courtesy of said bf, can't wait!) so I'll be back next week with some good pictures hopefully!

Hope everyone's had a lovely week/weekend in the beautiful sunshine!


Monday, 21 May 2012

My leaving night out...

It's still three weeks to go until I jet off to Oz but I had my leaving night out on Saturday before all the chaos of the last few weeks starts! Thought I'd put a couple of pictures from Saturday into a post, you may have seen some of these on Instagram (_miss_emma_ if you want to follow me!!) but there's a few more random shots from the night out...

I wore my new dress from Primark (bargain!) with my JC Lita's and just a Dorothy Perkins black belt round the middle! I also went for red lipstick which I realised I didn't actually own. Nearly 100 lipsticks and no red....Nightmare! I picked one up with my Boots Points from Revlon called Fire & Ice which is now my favourite lipstick I own!


Saturday, 19 May 2012

I threw a wish in the well...

I went into Leicester this week to get my last few bits for Australia, safe to say it's going to be a squeeze to get my stuff in my rucksack! I wore a blazer with my denim shorts which I don't often go for, but kind of liked it instead of a leather jacket...

Blazer: H&M
Shorts: Topshop
Top & Bag: River Island
Converse: Office
Tights & Headband: Primark
Belt: Dorothy Perkins
Earings: ASOS
Jewellery: Forever21, Miss Selfridge, ASOS


Sunday, 13 May 2012

Peep Show....

You know that annoying morning when all of your mascaras seem to give up on you and you struggle to get a full set of lashes coated with your dried up old favourites? I had one of these days last week so wandered into town to pick up a new one. I tweeted to ask what I should go for and most people tweeted back with some great suggestions, but all seemed quite pricey. When I spotted that all 17 mascaras were only £4 each in Boots, I remembered Peep Show being mentioned in a lot of recent favourites posts and thought, well why not. 

Best decision I've ever made makeup wise. 

It claims to have lengthening fibres, which I strongly believe. When you pull the wand out, you can actually see them. Transferred to the lashes, I only needed two modest coats to make my lashes look incredible. Curled, defined, volumised, and most of all, long (unfortunately I suffer from a particularly stubby lash). I did worry about fall-out or flaking off throughout the day what with these cheeky little fibres hiding out in there but nope, they stayed perfectly in place throughout the day! 

On top of that, the packaging is cute, and the price is a bargain right now in Boots...all in all, I will re-purchase this forever and ever. Result. 


Friday, 11 May 2012

My top five foundations...

I'm not really a collector of foundations to be honest, I tend to stick to what I like and not really change my ways, although I have collected some beauties over the past year or two. 

(L - R Body Shop All Over Face Base, Bourjois Health Mix, Revlon Photo Ready, Mac Studio Fix Fluid, Estee Lauder Double Wear)

Body Shop All Over Face Base: The one and only non liquid foundation in my top five, I used this religiously for about three years back when I was around 17/18/19. It does give a very powdery finish but I used to suffer from oily skin so this was the only product that really stayed put. I tend to reserve this if I need to apply makeup at the speed of light, but I'd never be without one in my collection. 

Bourjois Healthy Mix: Well considering I hated this when I first tried it back in the summer, I have eaten my words. I LOVE this, so natural and light, easy to blend, and although I do find I need a powder to set it I think it lasts a good 5/6 hours before I need to powder again (which is really good on my skin!)

Revlon Photo Ready: I can get past the 'shimmer particles' in this foundation because to be honest I can't even tell! This is my current every day go-to foundation, I've got it in a couple of shades (one was passed on by my Mum who wasn't really a fan) and I just reach for this every day. I don't think this necessarily needs a powder (unless I'm expecting an all day wear) and I think it gives a really flawless finish.

Mac Studio Fix Fluid: I used to swear by this and got a few of my friends on the band wagon with me, but I started to crave something a bit lighter on my skin so switched to lighter covering foundations like HM. I do still use this from time to time, and I think it's great to cover up last nights sins if you've had a particularly heavy one. I love that this is a mat foundation but I do tend to favour something a bit fresher these days.

Estee Lauder Double Wear: I don't know where to start with this, I'm officially in love. Yes I know I just said I don't like heavy foundations but a little bit of this goes a long way. I do reserve it for nights out or on days when I need a 7am - 12pm sort of coverage. I don't necessarily need a powder, although something light like Elf HD Powder is perfect with it. It goes on well, blends well, stays on all day, doesn't slip and slide, and most off all, looks gorgeous in my makeup collection.

Are any of these in your top five?


Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Setting me off like sparks...

Firstly, hello after another too-long break (I need to buck my ideas up). Secondly, who else hates the rain? It's driving me a little mad if I'm honest! Anyway I could go on with a massive rant or I could just show you Friday nights outfit (and yes, yes I realise it's Wednesday, I have no excuse other than laziness!)

Shirt - Miss Selfridge
Bag - River Island
Shorts - Topshop
Tights/ rings - Primark
Watch/ necklace - ASOS
Boots - Office
Sleeveless leather jacket - Matalan


Thursday, 3 May 2012

Brown eyebrows, bun rings and a bit of naughty shopping....

Hey all :) I've had a bit of a busy week again this week, I went to Birmingham to see Example on Tuesday (which was, by the way, AMAZING!) I didn't get an outfit of the day but I did post this picture on Instagram looking particularly excited....

Whilst I was in Birmingham, I did a bit of shopping, mainly for things to take to Australia so nothing too exciting. I did get a new dress for my leaving night out which is in a couple of weeks so I'll save that for an OOTD if you want to see it!!

I'm really lazy with my hair right now, just throwing it into a messy bun and a quiff or plaiting the front of my hair but I was sorting through some boxes last week and came across my bun ring. Me and the bun ring have NOT got on in the past, but I set aside half an hour and had a play around and it WORKED...

(not finished my makeup at this point sorry!)

Speaking of playing around with something different, I decided to have a go with a lighter brow. That's right, BROWN instead of BLACK. I still think I prefer the black brow, but I did love going for something a bit lighter with a lighter, more delicate eye makeup...

That's all for now, I've got my review of the Illamasqua brow cake coming up after the weekend and hopefully a bank holiday in outfits post!