Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Monthly favourites and goodbye....

Hey lovelies....I kind of can't actually do this post because I've packed my bloody camera for my holiday, so I thought I'd just keep this brief! A lot of my favourites have been things I've been using ready for my holiday, like the Weleda pomegranate body oil that came in the July Glossy Box (I really think this is a total miracle product!) that I've been smothering my thighs/ bum/ stomach/ hips in, in preparation for getting in the bikini's next week!

I've also been loving my new wave makers by Andrew Barton, I really want to take these away with me but they won't fit in my suitcase :( so I'll just have to settle for the GHD's! Luckily I won't need it much longer but I have been loving the my Fake Bake self tan lotion (the one in the pink bottle), it gives an amazing natural streak free glow! As for makeup, I've been all about the strong brow's with my Gosh eyebrow kit, and the Gosh clear eyebrow gel (which make my newly waxed/tinted brows look even more fabulous!) and a bright lip with my new Papaya Punch or Baby Doll lipsticks from Sleek. There's only really been one blush that I've reached for this month and it's been my Famous by Sue Moxley shimmer brick (which is most definitely coming with me to Cyprus) in Rose.

Sorry about the lack of pictures in this post, but hopefully I'll be taking lots of outfit of the day pictures while I'm away so I can get some good posts done when I get back, and I intend to go a bit wild in duty free so you can expect a haul on my return!

See you all when I get back


Monday, 29 August 2011

Grab someone if you're single, grab someone if you're not...

It's quite wierd waking up and having eyebrows. My own eyebrows used to be non existent until I went and got them waxed and tinted on Saturday morning, and now look how amazing they are...

This is just with a tiny bit of Gosh felt tip eyebrow pen to extend the length a bit, then combed through with clear Gosh eyebrow gel.

I also had my eyelashes tinted. I went for black, so all I'd need was a little bit of clear mascara, as pictured above.

This was just before I left to head into Leicester yesterday to go and celebrate my best friends birthday, sorry about the hair I just washed and straightened it then put it up so I could finish it off later. The shirt is from River Island, dress from H&M, tights from primark and Converse from Office. 

You'll all probably have seen my pre-packing post from yesterday, so here's an outfit picture from when I was all dolled up and ready to go dancing, and then some random ones throughout the night....

Hope you've all had an amazing bank holiday!
2 more sleeps until Cyprus!


Sunday, 28 August 2011

Pack your bags...

What a hectic few days I'm about to have! It's my best friends birthday today so we're all off to a hotel in Leicester (mainly for ease of stumbling back to bed at who knows what time in the morning) then off for a Nando's then to get merry in a ladylike way (NOT!!)

I've been very methodical about this bag packing malarky (terrified of forgetting something) and laid it all out on my bed....

I'm wearing my new Lipsy playsuit (as if I bought something from there!!? Don't tell anyone, I'm ashamed, but I do love this little beauty!) and my New Look wedges which are so low for me! I'm going to feel like a midget! Then just standard dark tan, huge hair (new extensions.....exciting!!) and big lashes/bright lipstick. 

Hope you all have lots of exciting plans for the bank holiday!


Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Top 10 Lip Products....

I've been meaning to do this for AGES and finally got around to it. I've got quite a nice week actually, lots of free time to catch up on my blog and youtube, so hopefully get an early August favourites up before my busy weekend then holiday!

Anyway I hope you enjoy this one, I've not done swatches separately on here because they actually showed up quite true to life on the video, and I'm sure you've seen a lot of them before anyway.

Does anyone agree with any of my favourites? I love so many it was hard to pick!

On a separate note, I just want to take a minute to mention something totally unrelated to my blog. Two guys I know are off to Afgan tomorrow, an ex boyfriend on his first tour with the Army, and one of my good friends is off on his third tour in Afgan with the Royal Marines, so just taking a minute to wish them both good luck and I hope they stay safe. 'Luckily' my friend in the Marines is only out until the end of October hopefully, so I'll see you home safe and sound in a couple of months pal :)


Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Weekly review....17 All About Nude quad...

Hey lovelies...I've literally only had this a day and I have to tell you all about it. You may have seen it in Boots, if you buy any two items of their makeup you get this nude quad free....

First of all, gorgeous packaging. Shiny white colour with black writing, nice and chunky feeling, with a sturdy clasp and a good mirror inside. So far, so good...

On first impression, I wouldn't have assumed these were particularly 'nude' colours, especially the lip colour. 

These are the eyeshadows, a bronze/brown and a pinky gold. They have amazing pigmentation, don't crumble, and stay put ALL day (trust me I wore them both on my eyes today)

The cream blush doesn't really show up as having much colour pay-off on here, but it actually gave me a lovely glow, and as a firm lover of powder blushes over cream, this actually surprised me a lot. I want to find out if they do this shade in their core collection and if they do I'm most definitely buying it as a makeup bag staple.

I love this lipgloss, and with all the other shades worn at the same time it really complements them well.

All in all I love this. It's great to have a quad/palette with nearly a full face all in one place where all the colours and shades look great together so you don't have to give it too much thought as you rush to leave the house in the morning. 

I took a close up of the eyeshadows for you to see how they work blended together...
(please excuse the eyebrows, I'm getting them waxed on Saturday so can't pluck!!)

And here's my face with all four elements of the quad used. Apologies for looking rough, this was before 7am this morning! 
All in all, my advice is to get yourself to Boots and buy a couple of 17 products so you can pick one of these up. So handy to not have to think about what blush goes with what eyeshadow in the morning. Anything for an easy life in my opinion!!


Sunday, 21 August 2011

Weekend in outfits....

I'm currently lying in bed in my new pjamas watching Big Bang Theory and giggling to myself about last nights antics. I've had yet another fabulous weekend, went on a date Friday night and treated myself to a new shirt for it (not that didn't already have millions of things I could have worn)...

Shirt: Select
Vest, bag, tights and belt: Primark
Shorts: Forever21
Boots: Office
Jewellery: Topshop, H&M, Primark

It was nice to wake up fresh and without a hangover on Saturday morning, so I made the most of it and went into Leicester for some shopping with some of the girls....oh and if you want to see what I got, I filmed a nice little haul here....

Top: Forever21
Jeans and bag: Primark
Shoes: Office
Jewellery: Topshop, Primark, Accessorize
Watch: TW Steel

I think I may actually love these jeans, they're my favourite thing in my wardrobe right now actually. They are ridiculously tight and look like they're sprayed on but after a few lunges to loosen them up a bit, they're fine! Oh and my hair was day old hair after I'd used the wave maker, my favourite new toy!

I went out with the girls last night and don't really have any pictures of outfits as such, but I got a few randoms from the night....

Oh and about these pjamas I'm wearing....may be the best thing I've ever bought??

OK now I need sleep to recover....


Saturday, 20 August 2011

Saving money...yeah right....

OK so I went shopping...I only went for a bra....ooops....

Hope everyone's having an amazing weekend!


Thursday, 18 August 2011

Weekly Review...Garnier BB Cream...

It's that time of the week for the good old weekly review, this time it's the so called miracle product Garnier Skin Naturals Daily All-in-one B.B Cream.

 (Excuse the grass background, I felt like getting back to nature!!)
Consistency straight out the bottle

Blended in on the bottom part of my hand

I'm sure you'll all of heard of this product, there's been a massive hype around it at the moment. First of all, the stuff from the bottle....

Apparently it evens skin tone and boosts glow, blurs imperfections, smooths fine lines, gives 24 hour hydration, and has SPF 15 protection. I wasn't entirely sure how to wear this at first, and I certainly wasn't expecting it to be this thick and creamy. I tried it as a foundation but it didn't give the right sort of coverage for me, so instead I used it as a primer, with my Bourjois healthy mix over the top. The consistency is really greasy for me, I tried to use my fingers to apply it but it didn't really feel like I was getting much coverage from it. Basically, I wasn't too impressed. I've used it every day for a week and it just doesn't do much for me. I'll keep at it, and I guess for the £9.99 price tag it isn't too bad, but I just can't see where this miracle is happening. It may depend on your skin type and what sort of product suits you, and I would say give it a go as I've heard a lot of people really like it, but unfortunately not for me.

While we're on the subject of things that don't work for us, I'm going to tell you about my other disappointment. I heard everyone rave on about the Bourjois healthy mix foundation and thought I'd give it a go considering it was cheaper than my usual Mac Studio Fix Fluid and might be lighter on my skin as an everyday foundation. 

Consistency straight from the bottle

Consistency when blended

Oh dear oh dear oh dear. I wanted to love this so much, but unfortunately I didn't. I had to cake my face in powder and bronzer for it to last through to lunch time without looking like a newly waxed car, I hated how thin it was, and I couldn't get a good coverage when I put it on in the morning. I gave this a good three/four week trial using it every day, then went back to my Mac Studio Fix Fluid in NW22. I just want to take the opportunity to apologise profusely to my poor Mac Studio Fix. I will never turn my back on you again...

Consistency straight from the bottle

Consistency when blended

Colour, consistency, coverage are all 10/10. The only thing I have to fault is the smell which is a bit paint like, as I've heard many people say before. I don't even think the cost is that bad as it lasts so long.

Anyway sorry that wasn't a particularly positive post, we did end on a high though!!
Has anyone else tried the Garnier BB cream and had a better experience than I had?


Monday, 15 August 2011

Getting out of a tangle...

Hey lovelies!
I have a bit of a confession....I'm an accessory addict. I think my third favourite thing to buy (after lipstick and shoes) is accessories which is all well and good until you get to the point where you can't actually wear a lot of it (necklaces, I'm talking about you now) because they're just a huge tangled mess in the bottom of a shoebox. It was getting beyond a joke, so when I saw this little life saver in the Next home section, I snapped it up. It cost £14 and was so worth it with the time I save in the morning. And it also means I can re-kindle long lost loves with necklaces I'd forgotten all about in the dark corners of previously mentioned shoe-box.

(without flash)

(with flash)

Not brilliant lighting because it's right in the corner of my room, but how cute is it!? 
Next I need some storage for all my rings so if anyone has any idea on this, then let me know!


Sunday, 14 August 2011

My Amazing Weekend...

Well it pretty much started off with a spot of shopping on Friday lunch time where I picked up these beauties....

Just a few basics like dry shampoo (and yes, that there is the SHIMMER Batiste....it's basically just disco in a can!) and some clear nail varnish, but I also picked up the Sleek Pout Polish from their nude collection...

Which I do love the colour of but HATE the weird after taste you get after it's been on a while. I also picked up another of the Famous by Sue Moxley shimmer bricks, this time in rose pink. I've almost got the full set of these now, and no doubt this will come up in my August favourites because it's all I've worn all weekend!

I also picked up the Garnier BB cream that everyone's been talking about, can't say much about this yet as I've not given it enough testing but I will do a full review later in the week when it's had a reasonable trial! 

Friday night I went to a charity clothes swap for my mums friend who's doing a trek in Cambodia and raising money for the fund. I did quite well and came away with a dress and a necklace, which I'll feature in an outfit of the day post sometime this week! I went quite casual for it in an old Topshop stretchy dress, tights and flat black boots...

I especially love my hair in this one, I used my Andrew Barton wave makers I featured in a video a couple of weeks ago and just pinned it to one side with loads of extensions in. I think this is going to be recreated quite a lot over the next few weeks!

Anyway on to the most exciting part of the weekend! If you follow me on twitter you'll know I've been up to Lincoln this weekend for a Uni reunion with most of my old housemates. Basically it was one of the best weekends I've had for ages and was nice to get away from Leicester for a night!! It pretty much revolved around fatty foods, alcohol, meeting foreign men and tampons (the less said about that the better but put it this way, a tampon is NOT acceptable currency to pay for a drink in a bar....)

I apologise now for some of the following pictures the word 'messy' springs to mind....

And I do believe this last one about sums up the night...
Hope everyone had equally amazing weekends!


Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Face of the day....

Right then lovelies I've got a confession to make. I only went and thought a guy actually wanted to see me LOL....long story short I've just wasted a face of makeup and decent hair! Which is the most annoying thing of all to be honest! So thought to myself, it won't be a waste if I take a 'face of the day' snap and show you all :)

Mac Studio Fix Fluid NW22
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer in shade 3
Topshop bronzer in Global
Body Shop baked blusher in petal
Rimmel eyebrow pencil in 001 dark brown
Gosh eyebrow gel
Mac kohl pencil in smoulder smudged
Urban Decay Naked Palette in Naked and Sin
Bourjois waterproof extreme clubbing mascara
Mac lipstick in Impassioned 

Hope you've all had a better night than I have!


Monday, 8 August 2011

Weekly Review: Witch skin clearing primer...

So for my first weekly review (I'm going to make sure I review one amazing product I've been obsessed with every week), I'm going to tell you about my new discovery....this miracle product....

I've recently started introducing primer into my everyday makeup routine, and my usual Benefit Porefessional, despite being fab for a night time look, is a bit too chalky and matt for a daytime look. I was just casually wandering the isles in Superdug looking for a new face mask and I spotted the Witch naturally clear range that really caught my eye. When I was younger I used to absolutely love the Witch foaming face wash and the blue zingy blemish stick, so wondered what other little treats they'd bought out since those days....it turns out, quite a lot!

It's a cute little bottle, 30ml so it's small enough to fit in your makeup bag but lasts ages, especially for the bargain of £6.99. It has a little pump dispenser so easy to apply and not messy at all. I've been using it with just my fingers like a moisturiser then popping my healthy mix foundation over the top. Even with the battering my skin got in the HOT weather last week, my makeup was still pretty 'there' by the end of the day. I didn't think that was a fair test though as nothing is every going to stay put and matt on your skin in that weather, so over the weekend and today I've used it, and not only has my makeup looked fresh and new all day, I looked 'glowing' without looking greasy! 

I've been using it instead of moisturiser in the morning so it's great as a bit of a timer saver, and even though there's not the strong witch hazely smell (thank goodness, I like it but I wouldn't want it under my nose all day!) it makes my skin feel fresh and clear as soon as I put it on. It claims to work as a barrier against makeup too, to stop pores getting blocked, and although I'm not prone to spotty skin usually anyway, I have noticed it's evened out the skin tone a bit around my nose and chin where I get a slight red coloration due to makeup aggravating me. 

All in all, I absolutely LOVE this, mainly because it skips out a stage in my makeup this morning, it keeps my makeup fresh all day, creates a barrier between my skin and makeup to stop breakouts, and is a great little bargain. Highly recommend if you're looking for a great priced primer that won't make your makeup feel too heavy and 'cakey' and that helps your skin!

Have any of you tried any of the other Witch anti-blemish cosmetics range? What else would you recommend?