Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Wild at heart...

So apparently my slogan t-shirt obsession is transferring over to jumpers. I picked this sweater up in Peacocks (yes that's right....Peacocks!!) for £14, it's a lovely sweater material so it's cosy without being wooly and itchy. I bought it in a size 18 because it came up seriously small, but I wanted to wear it baggy over leggings. I just popped it with a long black vest from Topshop, Primark leggings and my red converse to go shopping and for an all you can eat chinese (I did myself proud and even managed a pudding!)

(sorry unmade bed!!)
Oh and also, how can I forget mine and Stephs 'cooking' efforts on Saturday night, which roughly translates as cornflake and marshmallow cakes made with Galaxy chocolate!

I could eat these every day for the rest of my life!

Hope you're all having a lovely week!


Friday, 25 November 2011

Weekly review....17 Cosmetics Supreme Shine Lipstick...

Hey lovelies! As you all know, lipstick is my thing. I'm now on about (oh god I can't believe I'm about to admit this) 84 in my collection and it's continually growing. So of course when I popped into Boots a while ago and saw the cheeky little blue 'new' sticker along side the 3 for 2 sign, I knew I had to give the new 17 Cosmetics Supreme Shine Lipsticks a go.
I usually like a high impact, matt, or bright coloured lippy, but I quite fancied some easier to wear shades for every day and work. These have got such a gorgeous finish, I wouldn't say they were particularly long lasting but they have a lovely glossy finish. The colour range is fairly good; everything from a vivid red to a pale nude. I picked up If You Please which looks a gorgeous bright pink in the tube and gives a lovely pink gloss to the lips:
(first time I've done lip pics and realise I have a seriously wonky mouth!)

Pink Posy is my favourite in the tube, but looks really disappointing on the lips in this picture, it looks almost identical to If You Please. It's supposed to be a purply pink shade but needs to be really layered to get the right effect. I actually popped this on yesterday with my Benefit lip plumper underneath which gave it a nice base to stick to and made the colour a bit stronger, but I never got a picture of it!

This one is Barely Blush, a lovely wearable 'your lips but better' colour. Overall I LOVE these and definitly want to add more to my collection. They're so affordable, £4.99 each but you can always pick the 17 brand up on some sort of offer. 

(l-r) If You Please, Barely Blush, Pink Posy

Have you tried any other colours out of the range?
Hope you've all got a lovely weekend planned!


Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Always time to party....

This one's a few days late as it's about my weekend but I've been so busy! I went out for a randomly decided night out on Saturday with my friend Matt, went from 'a drink' to ending up in our local night club dancing until who only knows what time! As I wasn't sure where the night was taking me, I went quite casual...

LOVE this t-shirt, I picked it up in Birmingham from River Island ages ago and hadn't got around to wearing it, and we all know how I love a slogan t-shirt!!

Leather jacket: H&M
Top: River Island
Shorts: Forever21
Tights: Primark
Boots: Topshop Allegra's

And one without the jacket! The big chunky gold bracelet is from Forever21, as are the rings. Bracelets on my right arm are from all over the place!

My favourite part of the outfit were my nails, I used one of the magnetised nail varnishes from 17! I had so many comments all night!

(sorry about the neatness, was hard to get the cuticles perfect because of my gel nails, they're due to be filled in I promise!)

Has anyone else tried these? I thought they'd be a bit of a gimmick but I really do love them and they give such a good effect!


Sunday, 20 November 2011

Ebay Eyelashes...

I picked up some lashes on ebay recently, and I have to say I'm not too sure on them if I'm honest. You get 10 sets of lashes in the box and my immediate thought when I opened them was that they were HUGE!

I had to give the edges a bit of a trim, and some of them were a bit squashed but then I guess that was expected. They did come with glue but that went straight in the bin and I applied them with my trusty Eylure glue, but I just found them a bit awkward to apply. They were also far too big for my eyes, so I probably did need to cut them down a bit so they didn't reach right over the outer corner of my eye. 

Anyway, here's a (black and white for some reason) picture of what they looked like. I can't say I love them but I just think they need a bit of practice. But to be fair for the price of £2.95 I'm certainly not complaining. If you fancy getting some then you can find them here

Has anyone else bought lashes of ebay? Will anyone be giving these a go? 


Thursday, 17 November 2011

Primark haul...

First time I've been to Primark in months! Picked up a few bits and pieces, mainly knit wear and cosy jumpers! (Btw, first pics taken on my tripod so bare with me!)

Basic chunky knit cardigan in turquoise £12

Another chunky knit, wanted something black for work and this is quite smart without having buttons down the front £12

Couple of vests. Standard. £2 each

Not sure I like this, didn't take a full pic because I think it needs a full on outfit pic to see it to full effect. Might go back though. £14

Purple chunky knit scarf. I'm off to buy this in every colour. £6

Fave jumper. Multi coloured knit, pockets. £10

Saved the best until last. I love Primark mens section too much. This was £10 and I want it in every. single. colour. Deffo gonna be wearing this with leggings and Nike Blazers

OK OK I'm going to admit, I RAN across Primark when I saw this in the mens section. I'm obsessed with mens Primark t-shirts (cut the arms off and make a vest) and Jessie J. Basically, amazing combo. Can't wait to get my Gok on and make it into something I'll wear. Obviously going with my leopard jeans and Allegra boots. FAB :)


Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Updated daily foundation routine….

Now try not to be too astounded when I tell you that my Mac Studio Fix Fluid has gone to the back of the foundation line. As much as I still love it above any other foundation EVER, I really wanted to use up some other’s that I’ve had and not really liked, in order to avoid wasting money!

I did a review a while ago on the Garnier BB cream saying I didn’t like it, which is still true. In fact I now think I hate it. I gave it to my Mum to see if she got on any better with it, and I’m yet to hear a verdict but I’d be fairly interested to know. Anyway. I also hated the Bourjois Health Mix (oooo controversial) but was determined to find a way I liked it. I tried my Mac mineralised skin finish over the top, I tried the Elf HD powder, I even tried mixing the BB Cream and Healthy Mix together (odd combo, wouldn’t recommend trying this!). Anyway while I was on the Elf website a while ago I (for some unknown reason) decided I wanted to try one of their mineralised foundations. Now I like a full coverage foundation, preferably nice and thick and ‘glowy’. Again, bad decision because I hated it. However one morning while I was throwing all sorts of junk on my face, I came across the Healthy Mix/Elf Mineral foundation combo and I am LOVING IT! I can’t say I’d ever wear it on an evening out or a special occasion but for an every day, wearing to work type foundation, I’m smitten!

Me new combo

Basically, I’d encourage you to just chuck on a load of combo’s of products even if you’re not keen on them because you never know what magic will happen!


Sunday, 13 November 2011

Sunday treats....

It's only right, I think, that after an amazing Saturday night celebrating the besties 23rd birthday that a teeny tiny bit f retail therapy is needed. Rude not to really! I was in desperat need of a new lip balm as all of mine seemed to have ran out at once so I popped to Boots and went a bit wild...

I'd had a Burt's Bee's lip balm ages ago but never re-purchased for some reason so thought I'd re-buy. Of course it hasn't disjointed. I'd sen this Blistex lip massage in a magazine last week, and thought it seemed a bit of a nifty gadget so thought I'd pick this up too. It's so so nice, really tingly and the lip massager is a bit of a really gentle exfoliator too! I randomly picked up a cheapy Boot own Coconut & Almond lip butter mainly because I need something to throw in my draw at work but also anything coconut scented is a winner recently, my fave! Lastly I bought the more expensive (£8 for a lipbalm?!?!) Soap & Glory Mighty Mouth, but only because I was picking up some other things from the range and it turned out to be free on their 3 for 2 offer....

I've not tried the lip balm or the moisture lotion yet but I did pop the No Clogs Aloud mask on earlier for the full 5 minutes and can honestly say this has made my skin feel like nothing before, it's so smooth, even and clear. I'm practically glowing! I'll be putting a full review of this up some time this week, it's amazing!

Thought I'd also pop up a quick OOTN pic up while I'm here, my hair looks slightly odd in this pic but it's the angle of the pic I think, it looked normal in real life!

Leather gillet: Matalan
Black strapless dress, jeans and jewellery: Miss Selfridge
Allegra Boots: Topshop
Clutch bag: Matalan

Hope you've all had a fab weekend


Thursday, 10 November 2011

Weekly review...Bobby Brown Corrector...

As of this week, I am no longer a Bobby Brown virgin. I’ve got no idea why I’d never bought from the brand before, but I don’t think anything really stood out to be until now. And now, I am the proud owner of the under eye corrector thanks to weeks of reading hundreds of blog reviews (yes ok I know there’s no need for another one but sorry it had to be done) and seeing people literally rave about it. I suffer from particularly bad dark circles under my eyes and although the Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer in medium does a decent job, it just wasn’t quite good enough.

Anyway I went to the lovely lady at my local Bobby Brown counter who stripped me of my current under eye makeup so my dark circles were on view to the whole of John Lewis (cheers for that) and then worked her magic with the corrector. Basically, if you don’t know, the colours in it work against the blue’s and purples of under eye circles to neutralise the skin and take the dark pigments away. Pop a normal concealer or a very light layer of your usual foundation over the top (the corrector is a very peachy colour so looks a bit un-natural on it’s own) and the results were fabulous. Apologies for the scary before and after pictures....

(before, and coming to you with DEEP apologies for my eyebrows, they were about to be waxed!!)

(after, and yes I know I look paler but the light had changed. Please note my lesser dark circles!)

Anyway I can tell you I was suitably impressed, and although I won’t be turning my back on my Lasting Perfection concealer anytime soon, this is up there as one of my favourite products for the job. As well as a concealer over the top, I’ve been enjoying popping a illuminating concealer (along the lines of the Touch Éclat) over the top of the corrector which gives a lovely finish too, three that I have been switching between are by Collection 2000, Sleek, and my latest edition from Vivo. I’ve popped swatches below but if you want to see any more in-depth reviews on these let me know!!

My favourite combination of Bobby Brown Corrector (left) and Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer in medium (right)

(l-r) Collection 2000 Illuminating pen, Vivo cosmetics highlighting pen, Sleek luminaire pen

Does anyone else use the Bobby Brown corrector as their miracle product?


Sunday, 6 November 2011

It's time to wrap up....

I love days like this, cold but bright, and the perfect day to bring out the chunky winter knits...

Cardigan: Miss Selfridge
Bag: Aldo
Shorts: New Look
Black top & tights: Primary
Necklaces: Topshop
Rings: Primark and Forever21
Nails: Models Own Coral Reef 

Face: Mac Studio fix fluid, Mac mineralised skin finish, Bobby Brown under eye corrector, Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer, Vivo highlighter, Elf mineral blush in coral.

Eyes: HD brows palette, Bourjois volumizer in mascara, Maybelline gel eyeliner, Elf cream eyeshadow in Dawn

Lips: Topshop lipstick in Ohh La La 

Anyone else brought out the winter knits today?


Saturday, 5 November 2011

Nail of the week...Models Own purple grey....

Yes I know, usually a 'nail of the day' post but when I have gels on I get lazy and leave my polish on for weeks because it doesn't chip. Also, I've fallen in love in a big way for this Models Own nail polish in Purple Grey. Apologies for the state of my nails, this was yesterday before I got them filled in, and this was after having it on for a week but I had to show it off because I love it, such a perfect autumn colour.

On a slightly different, very exciting note, I'm currently waiting for a couple of the Models Own Beetlejuice polishes to arrive in the post so expect a NOTD post next week sometime featuring them!


Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Back to basics...

I'm in mourning for the loss of my normal, glowing skin! I went through a phase over the last few months of being so happy with my skin, but I think something has irritated it and I seem to have gone back to being 15 years of age again with spotty, uneven blemished skin. I originally thought it might have been a change in face wash or my facial tanning stuff I've been using, but I've also been using a new mineral foundation from Elf, so it could be one of any causes! 

The only sensible thing I could think is to literally go back to all my usual makeup (Mac Studio fix fluid, Witch primer etc) and go back to a trusted face wash so when I popped to Superdrug and spotted this on the shelf, I knew I was onto a winner...

I used to use this YEARS ago, I think it might even have been the first face wash I used. I wasn't sure to start with what good it would do, because of course your skin changes as you got older, but it did exactly as it says on the bottle, leaves your skin tingly, refreshed, and really clear - all my spots have gone and my skin feels so much smoother! I know face wash really depends on peoples skin type but if you fancy trying something new that's just a simple, no frills products, this gets a VERY high recommendation to me!

Have you got any other products like this that you tend to go back to year after year?