Thursday, 30 June 2011

June favourites...

I love this time of month, I think monthly favourites may be my favourite posts! I was going to do this as a video post again but I'm still having problems uploading, and I've also got a horrible cold so I look a bit like an out of season Rudolph. I'm still trying to upload my 11 most reached for products video, and I've STILL got a hair tutorial to upload which I promise I will over the weekend hopefully. 

Anyway here goes....I've not actually loved much this month, I've been to busy to go shopping and buy anything to be honest. My first two are tanning products, as I'm trying to perfect my tan at the moment. I used to love to be ORANGE and, whilst I hate the pale look, I'm trying to achieve a nice glow which I think the combo of these two do nicely...

This was £4.99 from TK Maxx, originally £9.99 and I love the colour it goes. It goes on smoother than St Moriz, but doesn't come out as dark. After a shower it pretty much all comes off but over a few days it builds up a reasonable colour. 

I was desperat for a facial tanner that didn't smell like biscuits and that didn't leave me a crazily dark colour. I risked it with this one, as it was a bit pricey (about £7.99 I think) but it builds up the faintest healthy glow that looks so natural. 

Considering I'm so in love with my Superdrug vitamin body moisturiser, the fact that I've found another that I love is pretty impressive. I LOVE the smell of this it's so summery. It's got a much thicker consistency than I'm used to, and I probably wouldn't use it every night but it's quite nice between tanning when I need a lot of moisturiser. I'd repurchase this in every flavour to be honest! 

Bit of a random one having perfume in here but I cannot believe how much I love this. It's one of those smells that is perfect for everything. It's not too heavy to wear going to the shops and it's got a long lasting scent if you want to wear it at night. I love the simple bottle, it's just amazing in every way. 

Yes OK I know I'm late on the Peach Melba band wagon, but I was trying to avoid buying any more nail varnishes for a while. Couldn't resist in the end though. I bought this last week and worn it every day since. 

Apologies for not having much makeup in this favourites post but, as I said, I've not bought lots, and the things I have bought haven't been in my 'I have to reach for that every morning' pile. This is the eyebrow kit from Elf in dark, and it's literally amazing, gives me flawless brows. The wax gives just enough hold for the day, and the colour is really natural.

So that's it for m favourites, not a very exciting one but these are literally the things I've used every day this month and will buy over and over again. 

I also went for it and popped to the River Island sale (well come on, it had been trending topic on Twitter all day) and picked a few bits up. It was late in the day by the time I got there and it was what can only be described as a nightmare. Clothes literally all over the floor. I spent less than £20!

I picked a couple of scarves up, the top one isn't really my sort of thing I mainly bought it because I thought Mum would like it (yes I know, model daughter) but the bottom one is gorgeous. It's a chiffon BRIGHT pink with a chain and coin detail, thin enough to wear as a huge head scarf and tie in a bow, or decorate a plain handbag with. These were both £5 each, bargain!

This was £7 and I bought it in an 18 because I loved it soooo much! I don't think I've really got anything lilac in my wardrobe so this made a change, I actually might wear it on Saturday when I go shopping in Birmingham with some denim shorts and a sleeveless leather jacket, and probably some over the knee socks. 

These were my favourite buy, I nearly bought them at full price last week but today they were down to £2!! My turquoise obsession is growing rapidly.....

Can't wait to read everyone's monthly favourites!

Monday, 27 June 2011

The big melt....

How gorgeous was yesterday? We had heat AND sunshine, something quite unusual for this country lets be fair! I went strawberry picking with the family, then had a BBQ and spent the evening dying of heat watching Glasto (yes then Pendulum/The Streets) and Inside Man (good film, although I admit I didn’t get to the end of it).

Today has been what can only described as a wardrobe malfunction. A big one. I donned a midi-skirt today for the first time, came to just below my knees in a bright summery coral/red. I’d love to say I took an OOTD picture of it but I was running late for work after I suddenly decided I couldn’t last the day if I didn’t download Beyonces album (out today girls….go download NOW!) for my ipod and car. The skirt has a sort of underskirt in it to stop it being see-through in the glare of the sun, which is fab I admit, unless you get it tucked up on your walk to work and only realise when you reach your final destination *cringe*. Also, I teamed my skirt with a pair of brown wedges. I’ve had these for years but not worn them much until I recently discovered my love for anything with a wedge. I managed the whole 15min walk (uphill) to work, and back down into town on my lunch break (to the Mac counter, I needed to re-buy things, unfortunately no interesting haul for you). It was the walking back up the hill where the problems started when, yes that’s right, my shoe strap snapped off. I managed to limp around the corner and swap them for my flats I’d stashed in my handbag (and may my friends never again laugh at my oversized handbag and its emergence content!!).

Despite all that, I have been loving the sun. Too hot though, and I start to run into problems. I’m not sure if everyone has the problem, but my lipsticks seem to melt. A lot. It started with my Mac Saint Germain when I took it to a hot and sweaty dubstep night in my handbag (which was probably by fault) and it ended up looking like this. I can still use it, but I admit I’m a little gutted.

The next one happened with my GOSH 134. This one isn’t anywhere near as bad, as I’ve stopped putting it in pockets and out at night with me, which is a shame because I would wear it every night if I could. 

I’m also finding that, as much as I love the mememe lipsticks, they are a buggar for melting. This one has have NEVER been on a night out with me, and has only ever been in my makeup box in my room (along with the rest of them) or thrown in my handbag for work. I really think this is unacceptable, especially as both of the mememe lipsticks I have, have gone down this path.

And it can’t be something I’m doing wrong, because some of my lipsticks are literally melt proof. When I used to work in Office, I sweated my bum off day in and day out, but always managed to carry around this lipstick (Boots 17 Dreamy) without even a hint of meltage. I have this lasting fix range in a number of colours, and no matter how often they come out in my handbag or sweaty shorts pocket, they are as good as new by the end of it. Topshop lipsticks also seem indestructible. The one in the picture below was in my handbag with me all day yesterday in the heat, and its perfect.

Has anyone else noticed melting with certain brands?
Is there a way I can still take my Mac lipsticks out with me and not worry?


Saturday, 25 June 2011

Hangover haul...

Hey everyone, hope you're not too sad about the weekend weather so far....wet and miserable :( As I said in my last post, I went shopping yesterday with the girls to the Highcross in Leicester to try and make the hangover a little better. I'm not sure the actual shopping did much good to my hangover, but the all you can eat pizza hut buffet did wonders!! I was going to do a haul video but unfortunately I've been having problems with Youtube so it's going to have to be a picture post!

If you follow me on Twitter you'll probably have seen my extreme excitement about Mum coming back from shopping with a present for me...she bought me some pink swimming goggles for the holiday so I can swim properly (I used to LOVE swimming and it's a bit of a shame I don't get chance to do it any more, so holiday's the chance!) but I forgot to take a picture of them for this post, sorry!

Anyway on to the haul, first I went to Primark and didn't go too mad actually. I got some coral pumps for my holiday, and just to throw on with some denim shorts and a crop if this weather ever gets better! I got a headband as well because I'm getting a bit obsessed with these wired dolly bows. I've actually been good recently and not been using too much heat on my hair, just up in a topknot every morning with a headband thrown on! I also picked up a cute floaty shirt in a terracotta colour which I'll probably wear for work tucked in black high waisted peg leg trousers.

I popped into Superdrug and behaved myself for once, I only picked up a couple of bits, and advised the girls on a glossy nude lipstick (Gosh 134 Darling every time of course!). I got the Maybelline get eyeliner as I've been told this is the best gel liner to try. I've been after it for a while and it was on offer this time I went in so I thought, why not! I also picked up Barry M nail paint in Peach Melba because I've seen so many NOTD's with it, and it is the most perfect summery nail colour! I picked up an MUA blush in shade 1, to further add to my new blusher collection, and another Famous by Sue Moxley shimmer brick: I'm slowly building up the entire collection of these, they are stunning! This one is in pink, and I haven't had chance to even take the film off it yet but I'll do a review on it when I've used it a few times.

(the leopard print bronzer is from Primark for £1 in the sale, I couldn't resist!!) 

I popped into H&M because I had to take a skirt back (a cotton coral maxi skirt that looked a bit like I'd wrapped a cafe table cloth around me!) and ended up picked a few other bits up. I got a blazer in a nice summery pink colour, because I had so much wear out of my black one! It was only £19.99 so I couldn't say no really. I also picked up an oversized white t-shirt to throw over grey skinny's with my coral wedges for a night out with the girls. My favourite purchase of the day was a bit of a random one, I was trying to not buy anything I didn't need but I loved this high waisted denim skirt with the buttons down the front too much to pass up! I'm going shopping next weekend so I'll probably wear this with my pink hightop converse and a tshirt tucked in :) 

 (sorry everything is so creased!!)

Still on the denim theme, I've been on the look out for some light denim high waisted shorts but couldn't quite find what I was looking for. I saw these in New Look though and thought they'd looked fit casually or dressed up with wedges and a floral shirt tucked in. They're quite thin, and a sort of jegging material, so they're not very forgiving, but I loved them anyway! 

(another thing I loved about these was the label on them, I appreciate the effort New Look, it makes me smile every time...!)

Lastly we popped into Zara and I thoroughly enjoyed the sale. I actually think Zara is my favourite shop at the moment, the TRAF section is my fave, and I've been in love with all their coloured denim and t-shirts. I'm a HUGE fan of a Zara slogan t-shirt (I was wearing one in the OOTD post yesterday) so when I saw this one in the sale I had to have it, it's SO cute. I also had my eye on this purple maxi skirt when it was full price, so in the sale was a no brainer! 

Hopefully another haul coming up after Birmingham next week!


Friday, 24 June 2011

11 most reached for products...

Wow my posts have been pretty shocking recently. Sorry but I’ve been soooo busy just catching up with everyone coming back from uni and going out in the evenings. I have had a fairly impressive shopping trip with the girls today though so I'm due to do a haul on that very soon.

In the mean time, I’ve gone and done a little video for you all. I’ve seen a lot of people do this tag, and thought it was something pretty relevant as I’m one of those ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ sort of people who has their favourites and uses them over and over again. I'd love to post it here for you but unfortunately Youtube is being naughty and won't let me upload it :( I will continue to try, and I'll post it as soon as I manage to upload it.

As I mentioned in the video (which you obviously can't see at the moment...) I was in the process of getting ready to go out, I went to the theatre then out for more drinks (it got pretty messy I won't lie) so here's a couple of OOTD snaps for you....

Shorts: New Look
Shoe boots: Office
Tights: Primark
Boots: Step in Style
Vest: H&M
Denim shirt: Forever 21
Blazer: H&M
Big handbag: H&M
Clutch: Primark

My lovely shopping trip with the girls today was fab, I went pretty casual so here's my OOTD (yes I know, another one)....

Converse: Office
Jeggings and top: Zara


Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The only way is....

So summer is officially here (apparently) and today is the longest day. Deeply depressing!

On a totally other topic, if you have me on Twitter you'll probably have heard me bang on about seeing Chloe from TOWIE on Saturday night in my local night club. It was an Only Way Is Essex night and she was doing a meet and greet....any way I got far to drunk on wine, and ended walking home with a box of chicken nuggets as the sun was coming up. Always a sign of a good night!

I took a couple of pictures before we went out, and it seems like I was thoroughly enjoying the thumbs up/cheesy smile pose....

Steph wore a FIT leopard print dress from Lipsy and black ballet pumps from Barratts. 

I wore a Forever 21 skirt, H&M coral top, Primark socks and jewellery from Primark/ Chelsea Doll. And just because the shoes are SO hot, I took you all a close up to drool over....

Oh yea, and this was BEFORE we went out...... (lets face it, there's no hope judging by this picture!)

Oooops nearly forgot the reason we went out, the beautiful Chloe Sims .....

loves xxx

Saturday, 18 June 2011

The big smoke...

So then ladies, it is officially the weekend and my first full weekend off work for MONTHS and I intend to enjoy it in a very drunken manner. One of my best friends got her grades back from uni and did VERY well, and she also bagged herself a job so it's ultimate celebrations tonight.

I've already started prepping for it, I went and had my gel nails filled in and they are looking fab (I'll take a NOTD pic when I've decided what colour they should be for the big night) and now I'm just deciding on makeup, which is where I'm struggling I have to admit.

Now I'm strictly a smudged kohl and lashings of mascara/false lashes girl with a bright lip. This, I feel, needs to change. I've got a lovely collections of eyeshadows and pallets going on that I think I ought to branch out, so this afternoon is going to be spent in a state of ultimate youtube tutorial bliss and a LOT of makeup wipes and I'll make a fair few mistakes I should imagine! It's going to be a brown/nude smokey eye I think, because I think I'm wearing either a cream dress or a coral top and black skirt, but then again, who knows what I'll create before tonight!!

These are some of the pallets I've got that I might try some looks out with....

I've used this Beauty UK one quite a bit, especially the gold/brown colour second from the right on the top row, this looks lovely all over the eyelid with just tons of mascara. I'm a bit scared of the green's, I worry I'll end up looking like a sea monster or something, so maybe that should be my first try today?

This is an MUA trio that I've not tried yet but heard their professional range was quite good so thought I'd give one a go. Of course I played it safe and went for a nude/brown trio, but this might be an easy start for me with a smokey eye. 

This Urban Decay pallet is actually quite old, they've bought a few variations out since I bought this one (I'm not sure the name, I have a feeling it was Fairy Tale or something) a few years a go. The colours are so pigmented they've lasted me ages, and I've taken a close up of the 6 I use the most. Not surprisingly they're the neutral brown shades, I'm starting to think I need the Urban Decay Naked pallet in my life to be honest!! You don't get any idea of how well used these ones are in this picture, but I'm nearly hitting pan on Scandal, which is a lovely peachy shimmery colour that's great on it's own or with a cream/paler colour underneath. I actually asked my mum for a single Roach pot for my birthday so I could take it out with me because I've never found an eyeshadow that suits me this much. It's so easy to wear!

Finally, I decided I needed a Sleek pallet in my life so, of course, went for the neautrelest (is this even a word??) one and got Storm. I've not used this one yet but Youtube has been fab for finding some great tutorials. I love this one because there's such a mixture of shimmery colours and matt, so I can use them as an eyeliner and under my eye too. 

Looks like I'm going to be having lots of fun over the next couple of hours trying to perfect these looks!! 
Oh and also, a quick OOTD snap before I went to get my nails done...

This was mainly to prove that, yes, I am wearing a jumper (New Look sale) and fringed boots (Office, in the Christmas sale) in June. Quite disappointing really, although I loved this outfit!

Hope you all have a great weekend whatever you have planned!
Loves xx

Friday, 17 June 2011

Collective Haul...

Finally got around to posting this, I've done a fair bit of shopping since last weekend, only bits here and there but it soon mounts up!

I've done a video of my haul, so take a look if you fancy seeing how I've spent my pennies...

The ELF blusher from the video, I have to say, is amazing! I'm literally in love with how glittery and pretty it is!

Also, the studio eyeshadow is equally as good as some of the higher end eyeshadows I've tried, the colour lasted all day and didn't crease! I will definitely be buying more of these in different shades!

I've not managed to do swatches because by the time I've got home the lighting has been terrible, but if anybody wants me to go into any more detail on any of the products from my video then let me know :)

Loves xx


Again just another quick on, I promise there's another one to come tonight that's not all 'hi' and 'bye'! This is a quick snap of my outfit from Wednesday night, I went out for a couple of drinks and made the most of the reasonable weather with a gorgeous maxi-skirt!!

Skirt: River Island
Top: H&M
Leather Jacket: Matalan
Jewellery: mixture of Primark, River Island and Miss Selfridge

Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Just a quick one, I've been light on posts again this week because I've been so busy and I'm out again for most of the week so thought I'd sneak one in quickly :)

I popped down the pub with the girls after work for a catchup because two of them have just got back from holiday, so I had to go and check out the tan's haha I just wore some orange chino's and an old-ish blue Topshop crop with my Office espadrilles, looks like I was trying to wear every colour under the sun!!

Sunday, 12 June 2011

End of an era...

I have to say, I'm not feeling particularly cheerful today :(

It was my last shift at Office and, as much as I can't wait to have my weekends back and be able to go out and get horribly drunk on a Saturday and not worry about work the next day, I will miss it sooo much (and no, not just the discount!)

So anyway to make myself feel better, I used up my last discount on a pair of beautiful shoes, as well as some that have just gone in the sale!

The first ones are these wedges which I've heard from some of the girls from work who have bought them that they are PAINFUL but I thought I'd give them a go, and because they were on promotion and not sale I could use my discount as well so I got them for less than £30!! (sorry one picture with flash one without lol).

I also bought these brogues which I've wanted FOREVER! Mums got them in cream and also in grey, but it was, of course, the coral one's I've had my eyes on! You've probably seen these all over the magazines in the past couple of months, I know I've seen Pixie Lott photographed wearing hers loads just recently.

So that's the end of my time at Office :( I know I'm going to regret leaving but I just wanted to go back to working 5 days a week instead of 6!
Hope everyone's having a lovely weekend :)