Thursday, 9 June 2011

Summer brights....

I’m quite new to the whole Sleek range of products, I’ve never really bothered with them before but the past couple of items I’ve bought I’ve been beyond pleased with. For the price, I think the quality of both the product and packaging is brilliant, it feels like really high end stuff! I’d seen quite a lot about the new Sleek Mediterranean range on blogs and on their twitter account, so I popped down to Superdrug today on my lunch break and thought I’d take a look. Now I’m not a huge fan of bright eye shadows on me (I love a neutral!) so even thought the colours in the eye shadow palette were beautiful, I decided to go for the blusher instead. 

The packaging is gorgeous, and event though it is BRIGHT it does blend really well as you can see. I’ll probably wear it with quite a glossy pink lip, a bold brow and lots of mascara.

Has anyone else tried anything from the new range?


  1. WOW - loving the colour of this. Right up my street x x x

  2. Want want want...