Thursday, 31 March 2011

Confessions of a greasy, hairy orange (or something like that)….

When asked recently in a conversation with friends if I’d rather give up my hair extensions or my fake tan, I answered bluntly with ‘I’d rather die’. 

On reflection to this, I think I may have an answer. I think I could give up both. You may have seen my rantings on here recently about my hair extensions and my sheer paranoia about having to go out with my natural locks for everyone to see.

(The hair kit....)

I revealed my natural, extension-less hair to my boyfriend for the first time last week (in the dark, after a couple of drinks so he wouldn’t notice) and he didn’t run away in terror. I straightened my own hair the otherday and went downstairs before I’d got to the extension stage and was greeted with a ‘your hair looks lovely’ comment from my mum. I popped to the shop the other day (hair down and no extensions, large sunglasses on, joggers and my Uggs) and unexpectedly saw an old friend. First thing she said? ‘Wow your hair got long!’

So maybe it’s not all bad. I could save myself £40 a month, 15 minutes in the morning and at least 30 minutes getting ready to go out at night (oh no wait who am I kidding, I’d still wear them on a night out!) and with the summer coming up, I can avoid ‘sweaty neck’ syndrome.

As for the tan, again I’d save myself at least 10 minutes at (every) night, £30 a month, and my whites would remain white. My mum would also stop yelling ‘HAVE YOU SPILT FAKE TAN ON THESE SHEETS AGAIN I CAN’T GET IT OUT’ when I’ve had a St Moriz related accident. I would also avoid the good old Rimmel coming off on the sheets when I come in from a night out (although I do have dark sheets and black towels to avoid such things) and the nightmare of ‘shit it’s raining and my tan’s going to go streaky’. Or the worst still (and girls who wear Rimmel or any other similar wash-off tanning product will know exactly what I mean when I say this) you just step into the first bar and some dick who’s been on the ale since 5pm that afternoon spills his drink all down your arm and you end up looking like you have some weird sort of skin disease.

So really, on reflection, there’s not a lot of plus points to this whole tanning malarkey. Yeah OK so I look bronzed and like I’ve just stepped of a plane from Marbella, although I do sometimes have a tendency to go overboard and look like a greasy orange.

(The tanning kit....)

I like to think of it in terms of money (one of my favourite things, I won’t lie). So this £70 a month? That’s a spree in Primark. It’s a full tank of petrol and a bit left over. It’s a handbag from River Island. It’s two really decent nights out (where I DON’T look like a greasy orange). And if you add it all up for the year, it’s £840! We’re not talking small change here, especially for a girl in her first PR assistant roll on, lets face it, not the largest wage in the world. I could put this towards my Audi A3, or splash out on some designer shoes. It could even make a dent into the designer handbag list I have (hot pink Mulberry, you will be mine).

OK so I’m not going to end this post with ‘right that’s it I’m never buying Garnier Summer body again’, or saying ‘byebye hair extensions, into the bin with you’ but maybe I might start wearing the extensions less, limit it to nights out and once a week? And maybe I won’t tan EVERY night, just at the weekends?

Or maybe I won’t. (Can someone pass me the Rimmel and my tanning mitt please?)

Essex Fashion....

Some people would call this an oxymoron. I personally think it makes sense.

Let’s look at a few examples:

Who doesn’t love a (slimming) all black outfit? Black wet look leggings and a floaty black top with lace detailing sounds spot on right? Add a pair of heels to make it glamorous and bob’s your uncle.
Now take a look at Jess and tell me she doesn’t look incredible (this top is also New Look so you can forget what you hear about having to wear designer to look this good).

(photo from

How about enhancing your eyes with makeup?
Lauren opts for a subtle yet effective smokey eye along with pale glossy lips. Effortlessly beautiful.

Heels in the day? Teamed with pencil skirt and vintage top, Lydia rocks it. And the heels? They’re New Look.

(photo taken from

And the maxi dress?
Maria goes high-street for her coloured flowing maxi underneath a gorgeous jacket.

OK so they sometimes get it wrong; but who doesn’t. The only difference is, when I wear a too tight/too slutty dress on a night out that flashes my pants and becomes see-through at the flash of a camera bulb, the whole of the ITV2 viewing public don’t see it.

(sorry I love you Amy but I'm just not too convinced on this one....)

I know that if I had the option to be as glamorous in my daily life as they can be, I certainly would. However I don’t think this.... suitable to be sat behind a desk trying to book a Hog Roast for 50 people at a housing development in North Hykeham.

This isn’t to say that I don’t try and add a bit of essex into my everyday life.

There’s always got to be some pink (Amy Childs, we share the same opinion on this!)

and I am a false eyelash addict (eyelure double lashes are incredible)

It’s got to be big hair, and tan tan tan! I would actually give my entire shoe collection (but can you please spare my River Island brown wooden heeled sandles?) to go to Amy’s Salon for an Amy Childs tan: “nice and brown but just a bit orange” (I love that girl).

Anybody who rocks highstreet the way they do and look so fab deserves some recognition in the style stakes, and not dismissed as ‘essex girls’. Quite frankly, I love them all and I’m insanely ‘jel’ of their wardrobe and lifestyle combined. 

(Yesterday I wore)....

Skirt from River Island, belt, tshirt and tights from Primark, shoes from Office. Felt summery, until it rained....

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Today I Ate Chocolate....

Sorry diet I ditched you for the day. I was doing really well, but for some reason I craved it so really went for it....

Cadbury hot chocolate and a couple of Fox's biscuits to go with 90210 :) And no, I don't feel guilt at all.

Anyway, today I wore....

Bit of a randomly put together outfit. The boots were from some random shop in Lincoln ages ago that are so comfy for a heeled boot without a platform. The t-shirt was £5 from the New Look sale last summer, it's a cream colour with a silk flower, ruffle detail down the front. The trousers are new from H&M, I'm really loving their trousers right now and they're so affordable, I can't wait for them to get some nice pale pink or terracotta coloured palazzo trousers in for the spring/summer. I've seen some I like in Topshop but don't want to spend to much on my first pair if they aren't worth it and I decide to never wear them! The blazer is one I wore the other day. And considering it was going to be something I took back to H&M, I've had more wear out of it than I have anything else I bought that day!!

Got a couple of interesting posts coming up soon, got a couple of guest appearances from some of the girls with some of the clothes they couldn't live without.

Also, as it's Tuesday, I had to purchase Look magazine: standard Tuesday behaviour! Not impressed though, because it's made me want to go to Primark SO BAD! Going to go on a quick trip tomorrow to see if they have the playsuit I spotted in the magazine, and for a few basics like tights and knickers (nowhere else beats them for that!)

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Somebody bring me Monday....

You know when you can never decide what to wear for a night out and how annoying it is? Well what's even worse is having an AMAZING outfit all planned for a night out with the boyfriend then finding out a few hours before that he's off out with his mates instead (not actually his fault, but I'm annoyed on an outfit related level all the same).

Sorry it's blurry. The dress was in the Topshop sale for £20 (it's a Rare one) which I spotted when I went in to stock up on their 2 for £10 vest tops. I know Primark are cheaper but I do think Topshop are worth that little bit more because they do wash better. So anyway, got it with some black over the knee socks (Primark) and some black shoe boots (surprise surprise) with gold studs up the back which are insanely comfortable. 

Shame it didn't get a wear, but I'll probably bring it out for Sians birthday in a couple of weeks or for a night out in Leicester I've got coming up soon. 

I've really had the weekend from hell. Not been out except to work and to get my phone sorted (don't even ask about that, I'm blackberry less and I feel like my whole world has ended - sad I know) and just been in one of those 'mehhh' moods. To be honest I can't wait for Monday. Means I can get out of the house and take my mind of everything at work. Also, with people would COME HOME FROM UNI! Words cannot describe how much I miss the girls and having a social life. 

Oh and a random one from work on Friday. Wore my Office nude heels for the first time and OUCH! Worth it though because they are absolutely beautiful!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

jump in the pool.....

Today I wore:

Grey drop crotch suit trousers (rolled up because the sun was shining!): Zara
Black t-shirt: Primark
Patent brogues: Office

And for some reason I decided to wear some stupid peach glittery eyeshadow which just made my face sparkle all day. Error! Also, I thought I'd add some colour with my scarf, which the lady in Tesco kindly told me she thought was 'pretty'. She then asked me where it was from, and when I said 'I got it at V festival last year' she went 'well I'm not likely to go there am I?!?' Sorry love, I'll lie next time.

OK OK so I went shopping after work. I'm bored of all my clothes all ready, and in fairness I did go in to get some of mums mothers day present. So what if I ended up with one or two (or more?) items for myself? I've been working hard after all!

Topshop: £18

I was going to get this in cream (for work) but was quite a fan of the navy. I stood there with both of them in my hand for ages and then I thought of the very wise words of my mate Kellie (she claims herself to be a VERY big navy fan) that 'navy is great, goes with everything' (or something along those lines) and went for this one. Will go with my pale grey Oasis peg leg trousers. Maybe even tomorrow if the sun stays out?

Dress: Topshop

BIG fan of maxi dresses atm, but it's far to cold to wear nice summary ones. Plus I love black. And anything plain. This is going to be worn with either biker boots and a big chunky knit cardigan, or some espadrilles and a checked shirt, and I'll probably wear the plum lipstick with it. It just fits. Not round the boyfriend though. He hates maxi dresses and coloured lipstick, so don't think this would be a winner! Although saying this, this dress gives me serious curves! 

I went for another maxi which I'm not too sure about, think it could do with being a size smaller because it doesn't hang properly around the bottom (see below)

River Island did me proud today, I was a big big fan. Got a nice chunky cardigan that will look so nice over my new black Topshop maxi or just a tshirt and jeans, but I can't wait to wear it as a cover-up in the summer over ripped denim shorts and a crop, when it cools down in the evening. 

Not the biggest floral fan in the world but I loved this. With black tights and tan brogues it will look lovely, probably for work but I also fancy taking this for a trip out at night. The pocket details are so cute, and the fabric will be nice for the summer when I can go bare leg (big apologies for the state of my fat pale legs in these pics btw! need a tan).

I'm a big supporter of over the knee socks. Black dress, shoe boots, and over the knee socks. Denim shorts, pumps, checked shirt and over the knee socks. I love them over patterned tights, opaques, lit
literally everything, but I'm not scared to admit that I'm a bit one dimensional. They're always black. So I thought I'd jazz it up a bit and get some different coloured ones. These were from Next and I love them too much, they're probably getting worn on Saturday night to a party I'm going to, with the River Island shoes I've got on in this picture (and maybe the new skirt?)

Oh and also, I love a blazer. This one is the same as my black one I've had on here before, the £15 H&M beauty, but I thought I'd go 'wild' (sorry bad one) and get the grey and black leopard print one!

Monday, 21 March 2011

Those pearly whites....

As Example Tweeted last night


I'm conscious of my teeth at the best of times but watching Only Way Is Essex is a whole new experience

And he couldn't be more wrong. I admit it, I am obsessed with teeth. Not just mine, also everyone elses. I'm also just a little bit judgemental about them. Nice teeth? Good hygiene. Bad teeth. Stay away. That sort of thing.

I'd actually love to change my teeth. There's nothing really wrong with them, and I have actually been told they're one of my best features (not altogether sure why though) but I'd still like to tweak them. I've read about invisible braces that you can have fitted, or just a retainer to straighten out your jaw. But all that seems a little bit like hard work and also a little bit on the expensive side if you ask me. So instead I concentrate on the whitening side of things. My new guy actually asked me on date number 3/4 'have you had your teeth whitened? They're amazing' which was good enough for me! But my answer was noppppeee. This is my secret:

My three step routine. Bit of Colgate triple action every morning and night and after meals when I can. Then use Blanx once a day (depends how much time I have in the morning, if not I just do them at night) and then of course there's my secret weapon. Hollywood pearl drops instant whitening. It has glitter particles so makes your teeth shine and reflect the light so it makes them look whiter. It also says that if you use it regularly it makes your teeth whiter but I'm not sure I believe that, so I just use this one before a night out or if I'm going somewhere special. 

Bit obsessive cleaning my teeth about 8 times a day but I can't help it!! I will one day have a smile like the Only Way is Essex girls! Speaking of which, HOW good was it last night?!?

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Work work work....

Top: Topshop
Shorts: H&N (new purchase)
Tights: Primark
Brogues: River Island

Thought I'd make a bit of an effort tonight as I was meeting a girlfriend for dinner straight from work. These are my new shorts I bought last week, I actually want to wear them with everything! They're coming out on a night out with me soon with a pinky-peach coloured lace tank-top and black over the knee socks. Also, even though I HATE it, I'm trying to have my hair up more often to get it to grow more, my straighteners are slowly killing it! It also means I get a bit of extra time in bed in the morning. 

Trousers: Topshop
Heels: New Look
Cardigan: H&M

Yet another work outfit. I'm actually going back to buy this cardigan in loads of other colours. They had a pink one with black swans, and a cute floral design in a green/purple colour. 

OK on a totally different note. I'M FINALLY BOOKING A HOLIDAY! Going with the new fella and his mate n girlfriend, not sure where we're going, or when exactly. All I know is:

Hello excuse to buy new clothes! Sorry H&M / Crafted at Republic / River Island/ Topshop. I'm coming to get you!

Saturday, 12 March 2011

The weekend so far...

Has been lovely.

Thursday: Vile vile picture, was in such a rush. Went for the new top mum bought me from Primark on the Thursday, and a River Island jacket I've had ages and ages but never actually wore. It's a strange green colour that never seems to go with anything so I thought I'd get a few wears out of it for work. Did a bit of shopping on my lunch, and bought a shirt and dress from H&M. The dress is for a night out I'm going to for charity in a few weeks time, a ballroom dancing shindig that my mums friends taking part in. I'll wear it with leggings and my black studded heels and leather jacket. 

Friday was a good day, and was pretty much made up of Friday Night excitement (double date). I wore the shirt I got from H&M the day before, over a stretchy black skirt, black tights, brown brogues and a brown skinny waist belt.

Took another trip to H&M on my lunch break and managed to spend about £100! I got this shirt in this colour in a bigger size to wear over ripped jeans, and also in white. Such a bargain for £8! I've not got pictures of anything else I bought yet, I've been too busy going out on yet another date! And also I think I'll take some of it back because it was one of those speedy guessing game shopping trips where you can't try anything on so end up buying things that (a) don't suit you or (b) are FAR too small (wishful thinking when I'm picking a size 8 off the rails!) 

Again, bad pictures because I was in a rush, but these trousers were one of the purchases I made in H&M, they're a bit of silky material and so comfy. I'm tempted to go back and get them in black I love then so much! I wore them with some black small heeled shoe boots, the top is from Topshop and the denim jacket is Forever 21 in New York (now in Birmingham as well which I can't wait to visit!) I layered it up with about a million necklaces to dress it up a bit, and wore my TW Steel watch, which you can't see in this picture.

I'll decide what I'm taking back to H&M and get some pictures on here, but for now I'm going to sit in pjama jumpsuit (Matalan, and possibly the best thing I've ever bought!) on the sofa and watch some rugby (swoon) with Mum. Potential night out again tonight too so need to get outfit planning! 

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

These are the days....

Had such a rubbish few days, you know when you just feel 'blerrggghh'? No? Oh come on we all have them. This was yesterday (today was too bad to even get photographic evidence of!) and it was a seriously old long tunic from Topshop, an old black cardigan that has shrunk a little in the wash, from New Look. Whacked all this on over a pair of thick black tights and my River Island brown brogues, and tied it all up with a £1 tan skinny waist belt from Primark. 

Bless my mum, she knows how deprived I am of new clothes in my life due to working too many days a week, and trying to have a social life as well as keep up with the rugby at weekends. Because of this, she popped into Coventry Primark (the best one in the country, as far as I'm concerned) and treated me to this top. Admittedly it was only £5 in the sale. But still, its gorgeous! Probably going to cheer myself up and wear it for work tomorrow with some trousers (see what are clean in the morning) and maybe even some heels (swapped to flats for the walk to/from the train station).

If my life were a scent: daytime would be Vera Wang Glam Princess or Princess. It would be Amor Amor when I'm feeling cheeky. It would be Beyonce Heat for a night out. And for any time I need a bit of reassurance, a helping hand, or just to cheer myself up and remember the good times, it has to be Burberry (I have been using this since I was 16!).

You know when you look in your wardrobe and see something you forgot you had but you LOVE. This is one of those things. I have had some amazing times in this, the most prominent being a casual glass of wine with one of my girlfriends that turned into a night of drunken dancing in our local night club with an old friend we hadn't seen for ages. I love those nights. This was a pure bargain, about £15 from H&M, and I get so many complements when I wear it, I think it looks a lot more expensive than it was. And it will stay in forever; black NEVER goes out of fashion in my world. I usually wear it slouched off one shoulder with grey skinny jeans tucked into black heeled ankle boots with some serious bright red lipstick.