Thursday, 31 March 2011

Essex Fashion....

Some people would call this an oxymoron. I personally think it makes sense.

Let’s look at a few examples:

Who doesn’t love a (slimming) all black outfit? Black wet look leggings and a floaty black top with lace detailing sounds spot on right? Add a pair of heels to make it glamorous and bob’s your uncle.
Now take a look at Jess and tell me she doesn’t look incredible (this top is also New Look so you can forget what you hear about having to wear designer to look this good).

(photo from

How about enhancing your eyes with makeup?
Lauren opts for a subtle yet effective smokey eye along with pale glossy lips. Effortlessly beautiful.

Heels in the day? Teamed with pencil skirt and vintage top, Lydia rocks it. And the heels? They’re New Look.

(photo taken from

And the maxi dress?
Maria goes high-street for her coloured flowing maxi underneath a gorgeous jacket.

OK so they sometimes get it wrong; but who doesn’t. The only difference is, when I wear a too tight/too slutty dress on a night out that flashes my pants and becomes see-through at the flash of a camera bulb, the whole of the ITV2 viewing public don’t see it.

(sorry I love you Amy but I'm just not too convinced on this one....)

I know that if I had the option to be as glamorous in my daily life as they can be, I certainly would. However I don’t think this.... suitable to be sat behind a desk trying to book a Hog Roast for 50 people at a housing development in North Hykeham.

This isn’t to say that I don’t try and add a bit of essex into my everyday life.

There’s always got to be some pink (Amy Childs, we share the same opinion on this!)

and I am a false eyelash addict (eyelure double lashes are incredible)

It’s got to be big hair, and tan tan tan! I would actually give my entire shoe collection (but can you please spare my River Island brown wooden heeled sandles?) to go to Amy’s Salon for an Amy Childs tan: “nice and brown but just a bit orange” (I love that girl).

Anybody who rocks highstreet the way they do and look so fab deserves some recognition in the style stakes, and not dismissed as ‘essex girls’. Quite frankly, I love them all and I’m insanely ‘jel’ of their wardrobe and lifestyle combined. 


  1. I LOVE the only way is essex!! Especially the way Lucy does her smokey eyes!

  2. So do I, I'm literally addicted to it. Amy Childs is too amazing for words I love her! x