Thursday, 3 March 2011

Why don't you call me....

Absolute soundtrack to my day. James Blake is incredible and I have not stopped listening to this song alllll day. In the car, walking to work, since I've been home. Just wow. a lot to say tonight I'm afraid. Tuesday night was date night: cinema. Always an easy job finding an outfit for this. Casual, flats, jacket, don't have to wear much makeup because it's dark etc.

Jeans: republic
Boots: my favourite cheap shoe shop in Leicester
Jumper: Crafted at Republic

Got complemented that I looked good so think I made a good choice ;) Date was good by the way!

So today I cracked out the 'Interview' trousers. Dad treated me to them when I first started going for Interviews and seems as though they worked as I got a job! They're a nightmare when you don't put your brain into gear in the morning and end up wearing them with a black fur coat, looked like I'd travelled in a car full of dogs when I got to work thismorning! 

Shoes: New Look 
Trousers: Oasis
Top: Crafted at Republic
Necklace: Topshop

This was the offending fur coat. I'm so so glad it's decided to stay cold but stop raining. I hadn't had enough wear out of this little beauty for my liking, and I would have been gutted if it had to go into the depths of my wardrobe until next year:

 Oh and I gok-ed my shirt: well my Mum did, I'm too rubbish with a needle and thread, I struggle to even sew a button on the right way round! Just need it to get a bit nicer so I can wear it!

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