Tuesday, 22 March 2011

jump in the pool.....

Today I wore:

Grey drop crotch suit trousers (rolled up because the sun was shining!): Zara
Black t-shirt: Primark
Patent brogues: Office

And for some reason I decided to wear some stupid peach glittery eyeshadow which just made my face sparkle all day. Error! Also, I thought I'd add some colour with my scarf, which the lady in Tesco kindly told me she thought was 'pretty'. She then asked me where it was from, and when I said 'I got it at V festival last year' she went 'well I'm not likely to go there am I?!?' Sorry love, I'll lie next time.

OK OK so I went shopping after work. I'm bored of all my clothes all ready, and in fairness I did go in to get some of mums mothers day present. So what if I ended up with one or two (or more?) items for myself? I've been working hard after all!

Topshop: £18

I was going to get this in cream (for work) but was quite a fan of the navy. I stood there with both of them in my hand for ages and then I thought of the very wise words of my mate Kellie (she claims herself to be a VERY big navy fan) that 'navy is great, goes with everything' (or something along those lines) and went for this one. Will go with my pale grey Oasis peg leg trousers. Maybe even tomorrow if the sun stays out?

Dress: Topshop

BIG fan of maxi dresses atm, but it's far to cold to wear nice summary ones. Plus I love black. And anything plain. This is going to be worn with either biker boots and a big chunky knit cardigan, or some espadrilles and a checked shirt, and I'll probably wear the plum lipstick with it. It just fits. Not round the boyfriend though. He hates maxi dresses and coloured lipstick, so don't think this would be a winner! Although saying this, this dress gives me serious curves! 

I went for another maxi which I'm not too sure about, think it could do with being a size smaller because it doesn't hang properly around the bottom (see below)

River Island did me proud today, I was a big big fan. Got a nice chunky cardigan that will look so nice over my new black Topshop maxi or just a tshirt and jeans, but I can't wait to wear it as a cover-up in the summer over ripped denim shorts and a crop, when it cools down in the evening. 

Not the biggest floral fan in the world but I loved this. With black tights and tan brogues it will look lovely, probably for work but I also fancy taking this for a trip out at night. The pocket details are so cute, and the fabric will be nice for the summer when I can go bare leg (big apologies for the state of my fat pale legs in these pics btw! need a tan).

I'm a big supporter of over the knee socks. Black dress, shoe boots, and over the knee socks. Denim shorts, pumps, checked shirt and over the knee socks. I love them over patterned tights, opaques, lit
literally everything, but I'm not scared to admit that I'm a bit one dimensional. They're always black. So I thought I'd jazz it up a bit and get some different coloured ones. These were from Next and I love them too much, they're probably getting worn on Saturday night to a party I'm going to, with the River Island shoes I've got on in this picture (and maybe the new skirt?)

Oh and also, I love a blazer. This one is the same as my black one I've had on here before, the £15 H&M beauty, but I thought I'd go 'wild' (sorry bad one) and get the grey and black leopard print one!

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