Sunday, 27 March 2011

Somebody bring me Monday....

You know when you can never decide what to wear for a night out and how annoying it is? Well what's even worse is having an AMAZING outfit all planned for a night out with the boyfriend then finding out a few hours before that he's off out with his mates instead (not actually his fault, but I'm annoyed on an outfit related level all the same).

Sorry it's blurry. The dress was in the Topshop sale for £20 (it's a Rare one) which I spotted when I went in to stock up on their 2 for £10 vest tops. I know Primark are cheaper but I do think Topshop are worth that little bit more because they do wash better. So anyway, got it with some black over the knee socks (Primark) and some black shoe boots (surprise surprise) with gold studs up the back which are insanely comfortable. 

Shame it didn't get a wear, but I'll probably bring it out for Sians birthday in a couple of weeks or for a night out in Leicester I've got coming up soon. 

I've really had the weekend from hell. Not been out except to work and to get my phone sorted (don't even ask about that, I'm blackberry less and I feel like my whole world has ended - sad I know) and just been in one of those 'mehhh' moods. To be honest I can't wait for Monday. Means I can get out of the house and take my mind of everything at work. Also, with people would COME HOME FROM UNI! Words cannot describe how much I miss the girls and having a social life. 

Oh and a random one from work on Friday. Wore my Office nude heels for the first time and OUCH! Worth it though because they are absolutely beautiful!

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