Monday, 21 March 2011

Those pearly whites....

As Example Tweeted last night


I'm conscious of my teeth at the best of times but watching Only Way Is Essex is a whole new experience

And he couldn't be more wrong. I admit it, I am obsessed with teeth. Not just mine, also everyone elses. I'm also just a little bit judgemental about them. Nice teeth? Good hygiene. Bad teeth. Stay away. That sort of thing.

I'd actually love to change my teeth. There's nothing really wrong with them, and I have actually been told they're one of my best features (not altogether sure why though) but I'd still like to tweak them. I've read about invisible braces that you can have fitted, or just a retainer to straighten out your jaw. But all that seems a little bit like hard work and also a little bit on the expensive side if you ask me. So instead I concentrate on the whitening side of things. My new guy actually asked me on date number 3/4 'have you had your teeth whitened? They're amazing' which was good enough for me! But my answer was noppppeee. This is my secret:

My three step routine. Bit of Colgate triple action every morning and night and after meals when I can. Then use Blanx once a day (depends how much time I have in the morning, if not I just do them at night) and then of course there's my secret weapon. Hollywood pearl drops instant whitening. It has glitter particles so makes your teeth shine and reflect the light so it makes them look whiter. It also says that if you use it regularly it makes your teeth whiter but I'm not sure I believe that, so I just use this one before a night out or if I'm going somewhere special. 

Bit obsessive cleaning my teeth about 8 times a day but I can't help it!! I will one day have a smile like the Only Way is Essex girls! Speaking of which, HOW good was it last night?!?

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