Thursday, 3 March 2011

Shoes shoes everywhere....

I have an obsession.

It's serious:

I'm running out of space in my wardrobe I've had to start storing them in the cupboard under the stairs! But I just can't bring myself to get rid of any. Here's just a few of my favourites....

Marks and Spencers (can you believe it!?) Look great with floaty dresses and black tights, so happy I bought these!

Faith in the sale ages ago, but they're so hard to wear. Mainly because they don't go with anything, but also because I usually fall flat on my face!

River Island about 3 years ago, and I love that I can bring them out every year. Denim shorts and a crop in the summer, or dark denim bootcut jeans and a blazer to smarten them up a bit.

That cheap shop in leicester again. I've got a killer black and gold one shoulder dress that they look incredible with, but these look good with any dress. They're a 'legs out' shoe!

These were a present off an ex boyfriend, they are actually black but I think the flash showed up the dust....a sign that I don't wear them very often! But when I do, its with ripped jeans and a white vest, or leggings and a long line drop sleeve tshirt. Had many a good night at uni in these beauties!

Finally, a pair of flats in my collection! A bargain in the Office sale for about £20, look great with black tights and over the knee socks worn with a long vest or denim shorts. Also, if we manage to get tickets to V and we have a dry summer (although I appreciate this is fairly unlikely!!) these will be perfect for that. White crop, short ripped denim shorts, tan fringed bag (*adds to shopping list*) and a woven headband.

Possibly the comfiest shoes in the world, and were £20 in the Topshop sale last year. Wasn't too keen on the heeled trainer thing when it happened and  I must admit it took me a while to wear these because I was a bit scared about what to wear them with. Now its a slouchy oversized jumper (usually striped), leggings and hair up and messy. 

I took about 7 pictures of these and they didn't turn out well which annoyed me because these are literally my ultimate shoes. Dorothy Perkins about a year ago, for £50. I'd seen Frankie Sandford from the Saturdays wearing some similar from Topshop but I couldn't get them anywhere at the time so these were a close second. I have worn them so so much, and they have had to be re-heeled a couple of times, but they are ultimate comfort. Oh the memories me and these shoes share.....

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  1. Nice tan fringed handbag in H&M at the moment, its got a plaited strap and is only £19.99 ! It's on my list :) x