Sunday, 6 March 2011


at finally going out on a Saturday night. It was a big one: Sarah's 22nd birthday so we all got dressed up and headed into Leicester. Me and Sian got ready at Chez Farthing:

Jumpsuits are my new obsession. I never really went for the playsuit thing; I have got a couple for the summer but I have a bit of a concern they make me look like an overgrown baby?? And jumpsuits fit right in with my newly developed trouser obsession. 

So anyway me and Sian cracked out Jessie J's new album (incred') and donned our new H&M jumpsuits (£14.99 each...bargain!)  With sians being a palazzo style, she went for flats (from Topshop) but she has the advantage of being tall anyway. We tried it with her Mathew Williamson cloggs but it looked like her trousers had fallen out with her ankles. Not a good look.

I went for mine with my comfiest shoe boots (Marks & Spencers) and a skinny black and gold waist belt from Primark. I can't wait to wear this casually either. Brown brogues and a blazer with a brown skinny waist belt, or even just with some tan sandals in the summer (if we ever get any??)

I also experimented with two sets of eyelashes instead of one and I have to say: I'm a fan. 

The night itself was beaut. First trip to Republic in Leicester and I loved it. Sian took me to the upstairs dubstep room and I managed to drag the birthday girl up there to covert her (don't think I managed it though). 

So today has been spent in bed with Sian, remembering everything that happened (dangerous territory), drinking tea then mum made us toast. I'm looking forward to the rest of the day sat in my old pink flannel shorts and grey batwing slouchy top, no makeup, blogging and listening to Jessie J and drinking tea. Admittedly this is not a glamorous image, but I'm taking a day off.....

(Soundtrack to my day....)

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