Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Weekly review...Rimmel Vinyl Max lipgloss...

I'm not usually a lipgloss fan but I tried one or two of the Rimmel Vinyl glosses and really like them. Then as I was browsing the makeup in Boots today and spotted Rimmel Vinyl Max.... 

I picked the colour 131 Dazzle, a real bright, blue toned pink with a blue glitter running through it. 
(excuse the lipstick swatches I couldn't wash them off!)

I'm not sure how well you can tell on these pictures but it is the FATTEST lipgloss tube ever....
The applicator on the left is the regular Vinyl Gloss lipgloss, and is the same size as a regular lipgloss applicator. The one on the right is form the huge Vinyl Max lipgloss, it literally is massive! One stroke of this and your lips are totally glossed. It smells gorgeous, isn't sticky, gives a great wash of colour and looks gorgeous over a barbie pink lipstick.

Anybody else tried the Vinyl Max glosses?


Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sunday mini shop...

I tagged along with the parents into Leicester today to have a look around the shops...

I just wore some high waisted skinny jeans, my new t-shirt from Miss Selfridge and my Nike vintage blazers.

I only really needed a new foundation so I picked one of those up in Boots, and one of the Rimmel Vinyl Max lipglosses, which will is AMAZING and I'll be doing a post on early part of next week. I then went to Primark and got a few gems from the mens section - a hoody, tshirt and checked flannel shirt. Then I spotted a couple of pairs of tights that I couldn't resist....I'll be wearing these over next weekend so I'll post some outfit of the nights!

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend


Saturday, 25 February 2012

Think I love a t-shirt...

T-shirts are by far my favourite thing to buy. It's what I base most of my outfits around...as you can tell by some of my outfit choices this week....

T-shirt: Topshop

T-shirt: Primark mens section with the sleeves cut off

T-shirt: Forever21 in New York

This t-shirt obsession must stop!


Monday, 20 February 2012

Hey I heard you were a wild one....

Hey all :) 

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. I went to see The Vow on Friday with the girls and as amazing as it was, it was also bloody sad! I went out on Saturday night with some friends for a dance and a catch up, and wore my new denim shorts from my last mini haul, with an old faithful t-shirt from River Island I can't seem to take off right now...

Top: River Island
Shorts: Topshop
Tights: Primark
Belt: Mums
Boots: Office
Watch: ASOS
Bracelets: mainly Miss Selfridge and ASOS

EL double wear
Rimmel Stay Mat powder
Bobby Brown corrector
Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer
Topshop bronzer in Global
Vivo blush (not sure on the colour it's rubbed off)
HD brows
Girls Aloud Kimberley eyelashes
 Soap & Glory kohl eyeliner pencil in black
Mac Saint Germain lipstick


Sunday, 19 February 2012

So I did a bit of shopping....

Yes I know I'm on a shopping ban, but to be honest I was bored of being good....

Now I'm no fool, I know the Lee Stafford hair growth treatment isn't going to give me bum length locks any time soon, but I needed a new hair treatment and this seems to get pretty good reviews so why not! I also picked up Rimmel Stay Mat pressed powder. Controversially, I don't really like Mac MSF natural that much. I gave it a good 4 month trial and I don't think it does, well, anything to my skin. This was highly recommended and so far I'm impressed!

Casual through and through, I spotted this red shiny body warmer in Republic for £10 and had to have it. With my bright blue skinny jeans and a black hoody under it's been brilliant! I 'needed' (complete lie, I have far too many pairs already) some new denim shorts that were between low-rise and high waisted. Topshop did the job for a bargain of £28 for these. 

Then I had a bit of a t-shirt (surprise surprise) spree online at Miss Selfridge. Grey vest, long navy and white striped body con dress/top and a Love Rocks short t-shirt. 

I wore these shorts last night, so an OOTD is coming up soon!


Thursday, 16 February 2012

Weekly review....Clarisonic Refining Skin Polish....

I'm the first one to admit I'm not wildly into skin care, if I find something I like and it's a cheapy then I'm thrilled, and luckily my current skin care is all very reasonably priced and suits me perfectly. I got this in a GlossyBox a few months ago and it got pushed to the back of a draw with me thinking it wouldn't be any different to my current skincare. HOW WRONG I WAS...

This claims it's for all skin types. I have combination to oily skin and it suits mine perfectly. It's a polish rather than a scrub, and contains Jojoba beads that really gently polish and soften the skin. It's not harsh, has a really light scent, and foams lightly on the skin. They advise using a Clarisonic Body Brush and I guess this would really enhance it's foaminess (if that's a real word) but personally I fine it really effective just using my fingers. 

I've been using this for a couple of weeks now, you only need a tiny bit so it's lasting ages, and my skin really has cleared up from any little breakouts I was having, it's brighter, and I find my foundation and makeup going on a lot better after I've used it.

I've not yet looked at the price of this for a full bottle as I know for a fact I'll be repurchasing when my sample has run out, but I don't think I'm ready to know how much it's going to cost me!

Has anyone else got this as a sample and tried it? 

Would you recommend any other Clarisonic products?


Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentines day....

As it’s Valentines Day I thought I’d write a romantic, slushy post about all the lovely gift my boyfriend bought me….. *ahem*

Ok so I’m single for the 5th Valentines running, and more than happy about it. I have nothing against Valentines Day, I think it can be cute and a nice way of showing your other half that you love them etc etc (minus the giant cards and teddies) but I won’t be crying into my glass of wine listening to Adele anytime soon. For me to get into a relationship, there are certain rules:

Wear good shoes. I’m shallow and it’s the first thing I look at. Vintage Nike blazers or some boat shoes will be fine.  

Hair should be short, preferably shaved (yes I like my man to look like a thug). No skinny pretty boys who fake tan, dye their hair, pluck their eyebrows etc etc should apply.

Be inked. Tattoo’s aren’t a necessity, but a man with a nice sleeve does it for me every time. Look at Mario from TOWIE for inspiration.

Be a man’s man: I spend enough time in front of the mirror for both of us. Please just shower, put on clean clothes, spray some nice aftershave and leave the house. Oh yes and smell nice.

Look after yourself. Eat well go to the gym. I love broad shoulders, rugby players thighs and big arms…..not that I’m fussy or anything!

Have a hobby/passion: I don’t care if it’s classic cars, films, rugby (this is preferable) or your stamp collection. Have something you love and can talk about all day and I’m sold.

Be a gentleman: Hold open doors, pull out my chair, don’t expect anything on the first date, give me a hug if I’m feeling upset etc etc it’s the simple things that make the difference.

Don’t be clingy, don’t drink until you’re sick, don’t get jealous, dress well, don’t moan when I want to go out with the girls, get on well with your family, make an effort with mine, have a manly job (again not essential, but if I know a man’s been climbing on boilers fixing complicated piping all day and comes home all oily and dirty, I go a little bit funny inside).

Or this could all be summed up with the very simple yet true statement my friend once said:

‘Your type is simple: as wide as they are tall, with a face that looks like they’ve been hit with a shovel. They look like they’re going to rob your granny, but really they just want a big cuddle’

Hope everyone’s had a lovely valentines day and been spoilt rotten!


Monday, 13 February 2012

Saturdays OOTN...

Shock horror...I wore a dress on Saturday night! 

Dress: H&M (£15 bargain!)
Wedges and handbag: New Look
Chain bracelet: Forever21
Belt: Primark
Necklace: Topshop

I've also fallen back in love with Topshop nail varnishes. I don't own many, but they do get pushed to the back of my collection until I remembered how much I love 'Mover n Shaker', really brightened up my dull day!

Saturday, 11 February 2012

How I style Aztec Jeans....

Hey all, I'm currently sat with a cuppa watching the England v Italy Six Nations game, then I'm heading off to Birmingham for pie (yes, I'm cooking again just call me a domestic goddess) and some drinks. I had NO idea what to put on today until I found these gems in the back of my wardrobe that I got in the River Island sale just after Christmas for £20 down from £40. I always find patterned jeans a bit tricky to style, especially to dress them up, but here's how I do it...

To dress them down (and how I'm wearing them today even though my poor ankles are going to be freezing) I've rolled them up and worn them with my blue Vans, a pale pink vest from Primark and a baggy white tshirt from H&M. I'll obviously pop a hoody over this as I may well catch frost bite going out like this!

To dress up I just put my Allegra's on, rolled my jeans down, and paired them with a pale pink sheer vest from H&M and a black boyfriend blazer also from H&M. 

How else would you style Aztec or patterned jeans?


Friday, 10 February 2012

'Ere love, you got yourself one of those Scouse Brows....?

Yes, this actually came out of the mouth of my taxi driver at around 3 in the morning not too many weeks ago. Being a Towie and Chelsea fan, you'd have thought I'd gone for this Desperate Scouse Wives but it had actually passed me by, so skip to me googling 'Scouse Brow' at 3.10am on a Sunday morning. 

Whether it is or not I'm not sure, but I was drawing my eyebrows on many months before it became popular/talked about/laughed at (delete as appropriate). 


I really can't express enough how much I hate my eyebrows (or lack of them). Pale considering my hair colour is dark brown, stubby, and just WEIRD. It's very rare I leave the house without drawing my eyebrows on, and over time they have got stronger and stronger. My kit for this is:

Rimmel eyebrow pencil in hazel to extend my eyebrows out
HD brows in the darkest (almost black) shade applied with the (amazing!) Eco Tools angled eyeliner/eyebrow brush
Gosh eyebrow gel


I LOVE a strong brow, like I say not everyones taste but I could happily go out with a bit of foundation to even up my skin, some mascara and my eyebrows drawn on. Everyone's taste is personal, but I personally LOVE a Scouse Brow!

Anyone else like a strong brow or do you favour the more natural look?


Sunday, 5 February 2012

Rolling Stones....

Went out to see an old friend I hadn’t really seen for over a year recently! I laughed so much I got stitch, and my waterproof mascara ended up half way down my face. Made me realise there’s some people you should never loose touch with.

Lips: Topshop Ohh La La
Rolling Stones T-shirt: Miss Selfridge
Checked shirt & Leggings: Primark
Denim/Leather Jacket: Girl with the Dragon Tattoo collection at H&M
Boots: Office
Handbag: River Island

Anybody got exciting plans for the week?

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

January empties...

I'm super proud of myself this month!! I've got through a lot of hairspray this month, mainly just finishing off cans with a bit left in the bottom. I also finished off a perfume which I'm happy with, Beyonce Heat. I do love it but not sure I'd repurchase it as I've since found others I'm loving that little bit more. As I'm saving like a crazy woman for Australia, I'm using all the products I've got and only repurchasing where absolutely necessary. In January I bought:

Soap&Glory Flake Away - repurchase
Superdrug Vitamin E body moisturiser - repurchase
Botanics eye makeup remover - replacement for my Simple eye makeup remover (review to come)

Has anyone else had a successful month for using up products?