Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentines day....

As it’s Valentines Day I thought I’d write a romantic, slushy post about all the lovely gift my boyfriend bought me….. *ahem*

Ok so I’m single for the 5th Valentines running, and more than happy about it. I have nothing against Valentines Day, I think it can be cute and a nice way of showing your other half that you love them etc etc (minus the giant cards and teddies) but I won’t be crying into my glass of wine listening to Adele anytime soon. For me to get into a relationship, there are certain rules:

Wear good shoes. I’m shallow and it’s the first thing I look at. Vintage Nike blazers or some boat shoes will be fine.  

Hair should be short, preferably shaved (yes I like my man to look like a thug). No skinny pretty boys who fake tan, dye their hair, pluck their eyebrows etc etc should apply.

Be inked. Tattoo’s aren’t a necessity, but a man with a nice sleeve does it for me every time. Look at Mario from TOWIE for inspiration.

Be a man’s man: I spend enough time in front of the mirror for both of us. Please just shower, put on clean clothes, spray some nice aftershave and leave the house. Oh yes and smell nice.

Look after yourself. Eat well go to the gym. I love broad shoulders, rugby players thighs and big arms…..not that I’m fussy or anything!

Have a hobby/passion: I don’t care if it’s classic cars, films, rugby (this is preferable) or your stamp collection. Have something you love and can talk about all day and I’m sold.

Be a gentleman: Hold open doors, pull out my chair, don’t expect anything on the first date, give me a hug if I’m feeling upset etc etc it’s the simple things that make the difference.

Don’t be clingy, don’t drink until you’re sick, don’t get jealous, dress well, don’t moan when I want to go out with the girls, get on well with your family, make an effort with mine, have a manly job (again not essential, but if I know a man’s been climbing on boilers fixing complicated piping all day and comes home all oily and dirty, I go a little bit funny inside).

Or this could all be summed up with the very simple yet true statement my friend once said:

‘Your type is simple: as wide as they are tall, with a face that looks like they’ve been hit with a shovel. They look like they’re going to rob your granny, but really they just want a big cuddle’

Hope everyone’s had a lovely valentines day and been spoilt rotten!



  1. Frikin love this :) xxxxx

    1. Haha thanks hun, I'd had enough of seeing all the soppy Valentines posts! xxx

  2. this is a great post and I totally get what you mean about men with sleeves... they are so attractive.. I think we may have the same type!! :D Joanne x