Monday, 28 February 2011

Miserable day....

In regards to the rain and cold, but I felt the need to brighten it up slightly.

Dress: New Look sale last year
Patent Brogues: Office (I swapped my pink ones for black for practical reasons!)

I realise I'm wearing a summer dress, and probably one of the most summery items in my wardrobe, but today just needed an injection of brightness and colour. With a couple of pairs of black tights and my patent brogues it wasn't to obvious that I was wearing a dress designed for the middle of July (if England ever gets lucky enough) plus it is seriously comfy. 

Also....I could get used to having TWO paydays at once! Didn't realise Unsworth Sugden were going to pay me today as I've only been there 6 days but nope, nice cheque landed on my desk just before lunch which really did brighten up the miserable day. 

Of course, payday means treating myself, so I popped down to Boots on my way to the bus and picked up a few bits:

Again, this was a bit of an optimistic purchase, but I love Soap & Glory so much and am keeping in mind that it's coming up (very, very slowly) to sandal weather, so I got some intense foot moisturiser from their range which I've heard some very good reviews on. I'm currently looking the business with my white cotton socks on (increases the moisturising powers apparently) and my new Soap & Glory face mask on, looking a bit green. It's a face scrub but doubles up as a mask if you leave it on for a few minutes, so that's two products for the price of one! Who could possibly refuse?!?

Got a few exciting nights out coming up and I'm running low on eyelashes, so I got some more natural ones from eyelure that I've never tried before (I usually use the intense or evening wear ones) and then some Kimberly ones from the eyelure Girls Aloud range. I keep meaning to try them, but I always stick with the same so I've branched out and am going to experiment with some new ones. You only live once.

I'm really trying hard to get myself organised the night before work now, instead of running round like mad in the morning and being late, or having to get up early to try and decide what to wear (never an easy job) and so far I've been doing well, but it does feel a little like I'm back at school. My bags packed by my door so I can just chuck all my makeup and a bottle of perfume in tomorrow as I run out the door, keys on the shelf by the door, and my pack-up in the fridge (the benefits of having a mum that doesn't work!) At least it gives me an extra 15 minutes in bed!

Anyway, it's about time I washed this stuff off my face before it actually sets this way....

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Give it up, you've been discovered....

Well that's the first week of work done, and I've also managed to do one day of the weekend at Office. Actually I loved Office today, I was in desperate need of some face to face banter and a run around to burn off this excess energy I'd built up over the week being sat at a desk. 

Had a rugby filled day on Saturday (much missed, and very much needed) and a well deserved win for England. And then I actually went out for a few drinks on Saturday night! Shock horror, I haven't been out for far too long, although I was driving so limited myself to one (a warm up for next week maybe?) 

Blazer: H&M
Top: New Look (surprisingly, because I usually really struggle to find anything special in there)
Necklace: Matalan
Watch: TW STeel (my little baby!)
Shoes: Office, and maybe the comfiest heels I've ever worn in my life

It was one of those awkward situations when you're going out with people you don't really know, to a place you don't really know, when you DO NOT KNOW what to wear. I played it safe with tights (dressier than jeans and make my legs look better than leggings for some strange reason), a long top and then smartened it up with my blazer, which was the first time I'd worn this one. I bought it for work but I think it's so nice (and a bargain: £15!) that it deserves a few special nights out first).

Also, a little something I found, Matalan have a lot of jewellery that Topshop have in their Freedom collection (and I mean literally exactly the same) but its half price or less. I always go straight to Matalan now if I need accessories, it's always my first stop and it always delivers. I got these to go with my jumpsuit I'm wearing for my friends birthday next weekend, which I'd seen almost identical in Topshop a few months ago:

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Nearly the end...

Of my first week. It's been busy and my brain is so full of things to remember but I'm loving it.

Dress: New Look
Tights: (2 pais obv) Primark
Shoes: don't even remember, had them so long and I LOVE them!

Hair is up for a change (never ever happens but I'm trying to style it as little as possible)
And makeup was minimal, just the basics and a bit of red lippie. Although it looks like I have teeny tiny eyes because I've got no eyeliner on!!

Nearly the weekend which means LOTS of lovely rugby to watch!
Must dash, need to catchup on the the most recent episode of The Promise, it's amazing so if you haven't seen it get on 4od immediately.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

"Haven't you got enough already"??...

Were Mums words when I came home with another lipstick last night. Sorry but I couldn't resist a 3 for 2 in Boots.

(One with flash, one without.)

Unfortunately, as you can see I only own one Mac lipstick. I would love this to change but I'm notorious for loosing lipstick on a night out. Or even in the bottom of my handbag day-to-day. The one Mac I do own is 'Impassioned' and I got it in New York. 

Other than that, I'm a Barry M girl, although they do dry up fast and you really need to wear a lip balm underneath and keep topping the colour up with vaseline to keep it smooth. I've got 2 shades of orange, a nude (number 101), pale pink (100) and a bright BRIGHT pink that I'm on about my third tube of because I use it far too often. My pillar-box red, dark pink, bubblegum pink (Dreamy) and burgundy/aubergine lipsticks are all 17, which I've discovered as being amazing for the price, don't always stay on all night but they never dry out and there's no need for a lipgloss. 

I'd probably say my Mac (one lady once stopped me in the street and asked what makeup house it was from), 17 in Dreamy, Barry M in hot hot pink and Barry M in orange (the 145 shade) are my favourite. 

And I'm afraid it doesn't stop there: I'm a lipgloss addict too. (This isn't the whole collection, most of them are lost in old handbags somewhere)....

Please, please keep me out of Boots at all costs!

Monday, 21 February 2011

Au Naturelle...

Or at least as natural as it gets.

Foundation: Body Shop (darkest shade they do) All-In-One-Face-Base
Bronzer: (all over face/neck) Rimmel 002
Blusher: Mac - Fleur (this has lasted me nearly year, and I don't apply it sparingly!)
Eye-brow pencil: (vital because I don't have any) Collection 2000 in Blonde
Mascara: Borjours Ultimate Black Clubbing 
Lemon Aid by benefit even if I'm not putting eyeshadow over the top
Vaseline for lips then either Benefit lip plump to knock out the colour or Too Faced extreme lip injection
Eyeline: (not always essential, wouldn't call it a 'basic' but I do love it. I'm not wearing it in the picture above) Mac - Smoulder. The lady in Mac in Nottingham recommended this to me ages ago as the best product I will ever use. She probably wasn't wrong. 


Was my first day as a PR Assistant and I can honestly say I've not used my brain this much for ages (probably my final exam at University if I'm totally honest) but I did love it. Amazing people, nice office, and I don't get all sweaty running up and down stairs all day fetching people 36 pairs of shoes in 95 various colours and sizes. I did miss the Office atmosphere and the music and jokes, but I just need to adapt to a new situation.

So, down to the important stuff....

Trousers from Topshop, shoes Office, shirt New Look. Well glad my hair got ruined on the way to work because of the stupid rain/drizzle. (not).

So yeah, good day, looking forward to tomorrow, but it's definitely going to take some getting used to. Oh and on the way home, I fell in love all over again....

This hat....

I've mentioned it once or twice on here before, but my god this is the hat to wear if you want to catch attention. Anybody would think I had a real life pink bear on my head the way people were staring. And both the man in the petrol station kiosk and the lady at the checkout in Marks & Spencers (I LOVE their extra chocolaty chocolate roll...) said they wanted to buy it off me...

Oh yeah and HI BLAZERS!

Sunday, 20 February 2011


Is the first day of my new job. 
12 months as a PR Assistant at an Advertising Agency in Leicester.
I'm excited and nervous in equal measures. And I know I'm an organisational freak at the best of times, but tonight takes the biscuit. Hair (both real and fake....) is washed and dried, nails painted, bag packed, mum's made my lunchbox up and left it in the fridge (that's right, I am six years old again), clothes are ironed and hung up. I've also set three alarms. 
You can never me too careful.

One of those days...

Where nothing looks right. I'm really trying to ditch the hair extensions because they're too much hassle and costing me too much but it is not that easy. Im currently sat (extension-less) in my new blazers, grey baggy trousers from Urban Outfitters and some old strappy black top.
And I feel disgusting.
As a test, I put my extensions in and I felt fine. They're like some sort of comfort blanket wrapped around my head. I literally hate myself without them, and I think that is a shameful sentence. It's not like I'm a different person with them, I'm exactly the same person but with some synthetic hair attached to my own.
In fact, I can't remember the last time I went out with my hair down without them in.....

Probably New York and V festival (above) when I was having to much fun to even care!

So what is  it? The fact I get told I look like Amy Childs with them in (probably not, even though I do love her), or that they make everything I wear look more glamourous and girlie (quite helpful because my casual wardrobe somewhat resembles the articles I talked about in what I like a man to wear)? Or maybe it's because I feel plain and boring without them and nobody will notice me, I'll just fade into the background? All ridiculous reasons I admit, but I guess on some level they're all true.
So I guess I'll get my bum of this chair, clip them back in and put a smile on my face. I may be the same person I was before I had them in, but I'll feel a damn site better!!

Friday, 18 February 2011


I got them! Someone bought some back to Office Leicester that they'd bought at some other store, size 5, Ink coloured. Mine mine mine!

Not even got enough time in my life to say what these are going to go with. The answer to this is EVERYTHING. I even wore them at the dinner table whilst I ate my sausage and mash.

Thursday, 17 February 2011


I have a serious checked shirt obsession, this just shows my selected favourites...
Jeans and a t-shirt, over leggings, skinny tan waist belt, as a cover up on a night out, I just generally love them. Worn anyhow, anywhere, and with anything. But I won't lie, I'm getting a bit fed up with some of them. They've literally been worn to death...

Primark about two years ago, for about £6, and have had a lot more wear out of it than what I payed for it. Love wearing this one with dark, straight legged jeans turned up, brown brogues or sandals depending on the weather, belted with a tan skinny belt. 

But I've decided to freshen it up, and after seeing a really nice sleeveless checked shirt in Topshop, decided to do a "Gok" and take the sleeves off. Not sure how successful this will be considering my lack of sewing skills, but I'll let you know how it goes. 

What I Wore Today...

(well, yesterday)

Just for work, did a late shift so I knew there would be lots of running up and down the stairs so went for my comfy brown boots from Office (around £80) which do look battered now but still look good, I just claim thats how I wanted them to look! Two pairs of tights again (my silly obsession) and a baggy vest from H&M for £7.99 or something, I loved it so much I bought it in all four colours and I'm hoping they get them in more colours. I just threw a tan skinny waist belt over it, but they still look good not belted. 

Monday, 14 February 2011


OK I have to admit, I judge on first impressions, but then who doesn't? Not so much with girls, I think over the years I've learnt that us girls are much deeper than we seem on the outside. The clothes, the hair; it's all just a mask a lot of the time. But when it comes to men, I'm sorry I just judge you. And it's on

(a) the shoes
(b) the hair
(c) the outfit

Usually in that order.
For example..... If I saw a guy walk into Office in seriously baggy jeans with a chain hanging, a black "rock" t-shirt and some ugly black bulky trainers, I'd think "no" instantly. Add a ponytail, a shaved head (although I can sometimes find a loop-hole in this rule for certain guys) and some dodgy beaded man-jewelery and I'm screaming "hell no".

Swap this for Vans, chino trousers, checked shirt and a body warmer and you, my boy, are onto a winner. Feel free to swap any of these for Toms, Nike blazers, anything All Saints, drop crotch jeans, skinny coloured jeans, bobble hats, denim shirts, chunky knit cardigans or jumpers, and you will also trigger the "yes please" reaction in my head.

(Small selection of some of my fave's).

Clearly this is the casual side of life. Throw in a suit jacket or a blazer, some brogues and a skinny tie for an evening on the town and you're bound to look sound. 
Of course, like I said, there are exceptions, and some men in drop crotch skinny ankle jeans with Toms and an All Saints t-shirt just should not have bothered. 

Dress to suit yourselves boys. 

Oh and finally....the hair. This is only a personal opinion, because I know most girls have very different opinions on this, but:
keep it short
keep it neat
feel free to shave it at the back and sides
don't overdue the gel/wax
if you have curly hair, keep it curly. put the straighteners down 
no streaks/highlights/drastic colour changes to fool us you're not ginger. your eyebrows give it away
and for the love of god, don't try and copy justin bieber

Take note :) 

Today I wore....


Trousers from Vera Moda, top from Topshop, Shoes: Vans, Jacket Pepe Jeans in New York about 5 years ago!

It seriously felt like spring when I left the house this morning. These trousers also look good rolled up, but it wasn't quite warm enough to get my ankles out just yet. Definitely a comfortable outfit and easy to wear, and these trousers will look spot on with the new red pumps I bought today.

Roll on the warmer weather!


....drives me mad. But within those tormenting trips, battling the people and mess, I do get excited when I find a little gem like this....

Happy Valentines....

Or not. I may be single but this is not the only reason for my sheer bitterness and misery for today. Even in relationships, I just do not see the point of having a specific day when you should tell your boyfriend/girlfriend you love them. You should be doing this every day of the year.

(I do have one exception though, I have a friend with a boyfriend in the army who sent her a dozen white roses to her door this morning. That got a big 'ahhhh' from me I won't lie).

Also, everything goes up in price. Flowers, chocolates etc etc just decides to double in price. And don't even get me started on needing to go into card shops to buy birthday/anniversary/good luck cards anywhere near V day. Just not going to happen, any card buying that I need to do can wait. So with me being, yes ok I admit it, the bitter single girl, I dragged my mum shopping in leicester to get one of my best friends birthday presents, and to treat myself to a few bits. Needed to feel the love somehow...right?

(Also, as I'm date-less tonight, there's many, many blog entries happening whilst I watch the soaps on the sofa with a cup of tea and a goes.)

My shopping trip today was very reserved, mainly window shopping. I got a few nail varnishes and bracelets from H&M, some underwear, a top and belt from Primark, a new dress for work from Primark and some amazing shoes from some random cheap shop in Leicester that I love every now and again for a bargain.

Shoes: £10

These will be sound with denim shorts in the summer, but until then I'll team them with beige trousers either long or rolled up, or leggings, long top and cropped denim jacket. 

Dress: £15 Primark

New dress for my new job, worn with black tights (two pairs....don't ask why but I can't ever only wear one pair of tights, have to layer them up!) and my new Office nude heels. The belt on this dress was also bought today, £1 from Primark. Pop my new black blazer over the top and it will be perfect for the new job. 

All these new clothes from the new job has got me so excited! 

Thursday, 10 February 2011


All-in-one, babygrow, one-sy, bodysuit...whatever you want to call them, I call them painful. Especially teamed with underwear that I hadn't thought through this morning, considering my one-sy decision.

 The One I Wore Today

Poppers digging in and moving around, the constant wedgie all day, re-aranging myself at the most inappropriate moments, and of course the battle to go to the toilet. My exact words today were "Lauren I'm just nipping the loo, I may be a while, I've got a one-sy on and it takes me a while to re-popper myself back up". Not something I think any girl should ever hear herself say.

It came off as soon as I came home, and is stashed away somewhere I won't be tempted to wear it again.


New Shoes (again)....

Working in Office is a dangerous game for me. All I ever do is give my wages back to the store in the form of their profits. And with the new season shoes coming in everyday, I cannot get enough. In fact, I'd probably call it a problem. We've had so many new colours of Vans that I feel like I NEED to have, the start of the gladiator sandals are in, some gorgeous wedges that are amazing and that I'm already planning my summer outfits around. Little flat pumps with lovely detailing, as well as espadrilles, toms, and new brogues and smart loafer style shoes.

First day back at work after a week of yesterday only meant one thing....PURCHASES....

Office: £65

I'll be honest, I'm unsure about these. I do love them, and love the colour, but the other shoes I bought (see below) are also a pale colour, and I'm concerned about the number of wears I'll get from these. They also come in black patent which look a bit man-ish, although I'll put them with a nice summery dress and tights, or rolled up peg-leg trousers and a floaty blouse. So these will either stay in my life as pink, or I'll swap them for black. Watch this space. 

Office: £70

These are, quite simply, stunning. Nude, patent, high with a platform. What more could a girl want?! These are going to be saved for 'best' at work, and will last me forevverrr :)