Thursday, 10 February 2011

New Shoes (again)....

Working in Office is a dangerous game for me. All I ever do is give my wages back to the store in the form of their profits. And with the new season shoes coming in everyday, I cannot get enough. In fact, I'd probably call it a problem. We've had so many new colours of Vans that I feel like I NEED to have, the start of the gladiator sandals are in, some gorgeous wedges that are amazing and that I'm already planning my summer outfits around. Little flat pumps with lovely detailing, as well as espadrilles, toms, and new brogues and smart loafer style shoes.

First day back at work after a week of yesterday only meant one thing....PURCHASES....

Office: £65

I'll be honest, I'm unsure about these. I do love them, and love the colour, but the other shoes I bought (see below) are also a pale colour, and I'm concerned about the number of wears I'll get from these. They also come in black patent which look a bit man-ish, although I'll put them with a nice summery dress and tights, or rolled up peg-leg trousers and a floaty blouse. So these will either stay in my life as pink, or I'll swap them for black. Watch this space. 

Office: £70

These are, quite simply, stunning. Nude, patent, high with a platform. What more could a girl want?! These are going to be saved for 'best' at work, and will last me forevverrr :)

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