Monday, 28 February 2011

Miserable day....

In regards to the rain and cold, but I felt the need to brighten it up slightly.

Dress: New Look sale last year
Patent Brogues: Office (I swapped my pink ones for black for practical reasons!)

I realise I'm wearing a summer dress, and probably one of the most summery items in my wardrobe, but today just needed an injection of brightness and colour. With a couple of pairs of black tights and my patent brogues it wasn't to obvious that I was wearing a dress designed for the middle of July (if England ever gets lucky enough) plus it is seriously comfy. 

Also....I could get used to having TWO paydays at once! Didn't realise Unsworth Sugden were going to pay me today as I've only been there 6 days but nope, nice cheque landed on my desk just before lunch which really did brighten up the miserable day. 

Of course, payday means treating myself, so I popped down to Boots on my way to the bus and picked up a few bits:

Again, this was a bit of an optimistic purchase, but I love Soap & Glory so much and am keeping in mind that it's coming up (very, very slowly) to sandal weather, so I got some intense foot moisturiser from their range which I've heard some very good reviews on. I'm currently looking the business with my white cotton socks on (increases the moisturising powers apparently) and my new Soap & Glory face mask on, looking a bit green. It's a face scrub but doubles up as a mask if you leave it on for a few minutes, so that's two products for the price of one! Who could possibly refuse?!?

Got a few exciting nights out coming up and I'm running low on eyelashes, so I got some more natural ones from eyelure that I've never tried before (I usually use the intense or evening wear ones) and then some Kimberly ones from the eyelure Girls Aloud range. I keep meaning to try them, but I always stick with the same so I've branched out and am going to experiment with some new ones. You only live once.

I'm really trying hard to get myself organised the night before work now, instead of running round like mad in the morning and being late, or having to get up early to try and decide what to wear (never an easy job) and so far I've been doing well, but it does feel a little like I'm back at school. My bags packed by my door so I can just chuck all my makeup and a bottle of perfume in tomorrow as I run out the door, keys on the shelf by the door, and my pack-up in the fridge (the benefits of having a mum that doesn't work!) At least it gives me an extra 15 minutes in bed!

Anyway, it's about time I washed this stuff off my face before it actually sets this way....

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