Thursday, 10 February 2011


It's been a while I know, but I've been so so busy! First post has to be totally dedicated to last Thursday; MODA :) Being such Lincoln Moda fans, myself and the Uni pal Sian decided to take a peek at the Leicester Moda to see if it lived up to Lincoln, which kindly gave us some of the best nights out ever. Annie Mac, Fake Blood, Jakwob and High Contrast were on playing, along with some others. I am such a dedicated Lincoln Moda fan, that I do have to say Leicester was good, but just not good enough.

Saying that, it is an excuse to talk about the clothes from that night ;)

Those who know me, know I love my heels. High ones of course. But Moda just is NOT the place, and for those poor girls who didn't know this, or who just wanted to wear them anyway, I did feel sorry for you because:
(a) your feet must have h.u.r.t.
(b) you poor girls just couldn't stay upright at the front during Jakwob dropping some Rusko jahova. In fact, pure raving was out of the question.

Boots were certainly the order of the night, and something comfy that wouldn't matter if there was some free-flying beer heading in our direction. My hair freshly dyed Black Cherry, and Sian's dyed red by her cousin a few weeks previous. 

Sian was wearing tights from Primark, shorts from Topshop (creased like a bitch), boob tube from New Look and customised (once had sleeves) from....can't remember but I'll check.
I wore leggings from Topshop and top from Republic. Can't tell on here but had rips all over it, made it a bit more interesting. 

So yeah....Moda is all about a whole different type of glamour. Comfortable! 

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