Sunday, 27 February 2011

Give it up, you've been discovered....

Well that's the first week of work done, and I've also managed to do one day of the weekend at Office. Actually I loved Office today, I was in desperate need of some face to face banter and a run around to burn off this excess energy I'd built up over the week being sat at a desk. 

Had a rugby filled day on Saturday (much missed, and very much needed) and a well deserved win for England. And then I actually went out for a few drinks on Saturday night! Shock horror, I haven't been out for far too long, although I was driving so limited myself to one (a warm up for next week maybe?) 

Blazer: H&M
Top: New Look (surprisingly, because I usually really struggle to find anything special in there)
Necklace: Matalan
Watch: TW STeel (my little baby!)
Shoes: Office, and maybe the comfiest heels I've ever worn in my life

It was one of those awkward situations when you're going out with people you don't really know, to a place you don't really know, when you DO NOT KNOW what to wear. I played it safe with tights (dressier than jeans and make my legs look better than leggings for some strange reason), a long top and then smartened it up with my blazer, which was the first time I'd worn this one. I bought it for work but I think it's so nice (and a bargain: £15!) that it deserves a few special nights out first).

Also, a little something I found, Matalan have a lot of jewellery that Topshop have in their Freedom collection (and I mean literally exactly the same) but its half price or less. I always go straight to Matalan now if I need accessories, it's always my first stop and it always delivers. I got these to go with my jumpsuit I'm wearing for my friends birthday next weekend, which I'd seen almost identical in Topshop a few months ago:

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