Thursday, 10 February 2011


All-in-one, babygrow, one-sy, bodysuit...whatever you want to call them, I call them painful. Especially teamed with underwear that I hadn't thought through this morning, considering my one-sy decision.

 The One I Wore Today

Poppers digging in and moving around, the constant wedgie all day, re-aranging myself at the most inappropriate moments, and of course the battle to go to the toilet. My exact words today were "Lauren I'm just nipping the loo, I may be a while, I've got a one-sy on and it takes me a while to re-popper myself back up". Not something I think any girl should ever hear herself say.

It came off as soon as I came home, and is stashed away somewhere I won't be tempted to wear it again.



  1. You were lucky it had poppers, buttons are worse !!

    The wedgie-ness is probably down to a bad fit, maybe you have a long torso or the playsuit has an unreasonably short torso?

    Maybe you should try a looser fitting style? There are some corkers in Primark that are a bit like your new polka dot dress...


  2. Mine was from Primark, I thought that was the problem!