Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentines....

Or not. I may be single but this is not the only reason for my sheer bitterness and misery for today. Even in relationships, I just do not see the point of having a specific day when you should tell your boyfriend/girlfriend you love them. You should be doing this every day of the year.

(I do have one exception though, I have a friend with a boyfriend in the army who sent her a dozen white roses to her door this morning. That got a big 'ahhhh' from me I won't lie).

Also, everything goes up in price. Flowers, chocolates etc etc just decides to double in price. And don't even get me started on needing to go into card shops to buy birthday/anniversary/good luck cards anywhere near V day. Just not going to happen, any card buying that I need to do can wait. So with me being, yes ok I admit it, the bitter single girl, I dragged my mum shopping in leicester to get one of my best friends birthday presents, and to treat myself to a few bits. Needed to feel the love somehow...right?

(Also, as I'm date-less tonight, there's many, many blog entries happening whilst I watch the soaps on the sofa with a cup of tea and a goes.)

My shopping trip today was very reserved, mainly window shopping. I got a few nail varnishes and bracelets from H&M, some underwear, a top and belt from Primark, a new dress for work from Primark and some amazing shoes from some random cheap shop in Leicester that I love every now and again for a bargain.

Shoes: £10

These will be sound with denim shorts in the summer, but until then I'll team them with beige trousers either long or rolled up, or leggings, long top and cropped denim jacket. 

Dress: £15 Primark

New dress for my new job, worn with black tights (two pairs....don't ask why but I can't ever only wear one pair of tights, have to layer them up!) and my new Office nude heels. The belt on this dress was also bought today, £1 from Primark. Pop my new black blazer over the top and it will be perfect for the new job. 

All these new clothes from the new job has got me so excited! 

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