Sunday, 20 February 2011

One of those days...

Where nothing looks right. I'm really trying to ditch the hair extensions because they're too much hassle and costing me too much but it is not that easy. Im currently sat (extension-less) in my new blazers, grey baggy trousers from Urban Outfitters and some old strappy black top.
And I feel disgusting.
As a test, I put my extensions in and I felt fine. They're like some sort of comfort blanket wrapped around my head. I literally hate myself without them, and I think that is a shameful sentence. It's not like I'm a different person with them, I'm exactly the same person but with some synthetic hair attached to my own.
In fact, I can't remember the last time I went out with my hair down without them in.....

Probably New York and V festival (above) when I was having to much fun to even care!

So what is  it? The fact I get told I look like Amy Childs with them in (probably not, even though I do love her), or that they make everything I wear look more glamourous and girlie (quite helpful because my casual wardrobe somewhat resembles the articles I talked about in what I like a man to wear)? Or maybe it's because I feel plain and boring without them and nobody will notice me, I'll just fade into the background? All ridiculous reasons I admit, but I guess on some level they're all true.
So I guess I'll get my bum of this chair, clip them back in and put a smile on my face. I may be the same person I was before I had them in, but I'll feel a damn site better!!

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