Friday, 26 April 2013

Bio Oil alternative....

If I could pick one thing that I couldn't do without at the moment in my everyday beauty routine I'd cast aside my lipsticks and my trusty Benefit mascara and pick this little beauty. 

I've got a lot of scarring from insect and mosquito bites from doing my farm work in Australia (one downside to living in paradise....bugs!) so I popped into the pharmacy to pick up some bio-oil with I swear by. The helpful sales assistant pointed out that they had a promotion on Dr Lewinns and it worked out cheaper than Bio-oil, and with it being made of all natural products I though 'hey, why not?'. This stuff is a miracle in a bottle. Although not completely gone (yet) I've been using this for around 2 months now and some of the scarring on my thighs has faded considerably. Still a long way to go but if you're looking for a Bio-Oil alternative then definitely pick this up. New holy grail product alert!



Monday, 22 April 2013

Chi Chi lipstick review and swatches....

As you may or may not know, lip products are my 'thing'. As cheesy as that sounds, it's true. I'd much rather go for a plain eye and a bright lip colour, or wear black and experiment with an orange or purple lip to jazz the whole thing up. 

I recently found a new little gem of the lipstick world whilst over here in Australia, by a brand called Chi Chi. I'll admit, the thing that first drew me to the brand was the packaging. 

Black with a pink metallic flock print, and the colour of the lipstick on show underneath. What's not to love.

The second thing that made these my newly favorite lipstick brand was their names.... who wouldn't love a lipstick called 'Wrapped Around My Pinkie'???

I swatched and instantly fell in love with all the shades but I restricted myself to just four to start my collection with.

Left to right: Shake that Booty (cream), Wrapped Around My Pinkie (cream), Fashion Police (matte) and Bad Bad Girl (cream). 

These are super pigmented and hydrating, even that matte shade although I do prefer the finish and feel of the cream lipsticks on the lips.These are the first Chi Chi products I've tried but they also have a fab range of nail varnishes and lip glossesI want to get my hands on when I get chance.

Has anybody else tried any of the Chi Chi lipsticks or any of their other products? I'd love to get some recommendations on what else to try!



Tuesday, 16 April 2013

My dresser and ever expanding lipstick collection....

Moving in with a boyfriend is tough. Add to the mix the fact he lives with two other boys, and you can start to picture how I live from day to day. My only sanctuary comes from my little bit of heaven my boyfriend allowed chest of drawers. As an organisational OCD wierdo I'm still re-arranging and organising everything but I'm quite happy with how they look so far...

I may have purchased one or two *cough* new lipsticks since these pictures were taken too....ooops!