Monday, 25 November 2013

Sportsgirl lip stuff haul...

So my spending ban went for all of a week! Ultimate fail, but when I was killing time waiting for my bus I popped into my favourite shop over here in Australia, Sportsgirl. It's kind of a Topshop-ish shop, selling clothes, accessories, shoes and makeup and hitting the same kind of price point. I'm already well and truly in love with their nail varnishes, so I thought it only fair to give their lipsticks a trial (right?). 

Wanderlust is quite a matte lilac which I think will look cute when I finally get some sort of tan. I fell in love with Powder Puff which is actually a bit lighter than it appears here, it's a gorgeous sheeny pink that will be beautiful for an every day look. Finally my favourite, a take on the Topshop lip crayons, in a matte peachy pink. The shade was on the label which I of course took off, but I'm almost sure this is called Beauty Queen. I popped this on as soon as I got home from the shops and it stayed for AGES! A little drying, but nothing a lip balm as a base coat won't sort out. 

L-R Wanderlust, Powder Puff, Beauty Queen

Any other colours you've tried from the Sportsgirl range that I should try??


Friday, 22 November 2013

The best dress for hiding a food baby OOTN....

Dress - Trade Secrets (Australias version of TK Maxx)
Bag - Australia market
Boots - ASOS
Jacket - Topshop

 Dresses and boots are by far my favourite combination at the moment, even though it's pretty much summer over here now I'm not read to give them up just yet! So I'm totally in love with this dress, so much so that I bought it in black too. It's the perfect 'I'm going out for a meal and I'm going to certainly develop a food baby' dress. I was actually going out for Thai food this night so I'm glad I opted for this rather than jeans! 


Friday, 15 November 2013

The Body Shop Vitamin E eye cream review...

I always find eye cream to be quite tricky. How do you know if it's working? What makes a good eye cream? Personally I look for something that makes my eye makeup apply smoothly, sinks in easily so I can use it morning and night, and doesn't make my eyes swell up (a problem I've had with many an eye cream in the past). 

I'm a huge lover of The Body Shop Vitamin E range and have used various items of the range on and off for years. I picked this up on a recent speedy shopping trip and am so pleased with it. It's nothing crazy, it doesn't perform miracles, but it's a soft light cream suitable for use morning or night, makes me under eye concealer slightly less prone to creasing, and no swelling!

In my, now less puffy and slightly brighter, eyes this is a winner and will be a future re-purchase for sure.

What eye creams does everyone else use and recommend?


Monday, 11 November 2013

'Budget brand does collections' alert...

A while ago, Essence did a collection to go alongside Oz the Great and Powerful film and at the time I was in need of a golden based highlighter. Now this isn't necessarily a full on review of this product as I'm aware you can't buy this anymore and that would be unfair to you guys! 

But I have heard that Essence is coming to/has hit some UK stores so keep an eye out for this bargain brand as not only do they stock some great nail varnishes and eyeliners among others, but unlike a lot of cheaper high street brands, they bring out some seriously lust-worthy collections with some incredible high end quality products. So, seeing as though I mentioned my favourite Essence product I guess I should show it to you...

It's a golden based highlighter that is really pigmented but can be blended out onto the skin for a beautiful golden glow. Perfect for the summer or perking up tired winter skin.

What do you guys think of Essence?


Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Typical spring OOTD...

I love that now it's spring it's typically leg's out appropriate every single day....

Shorts - Rusty from local surf shop
Top - Cotton On (Australia)

I'm getting a bit too used to this sunshine!


Sunday, 3 November 2013

What's on my lips #2...

Sticking with the purple theme from he last What's on my lips post that I did, this time I'm loving a more muted offering from the colour family. 


Firstly can I say how excited I am to try the new Rimmel Moisture Renew lipsticks as these are some of my favourite high street lipstick's ever! Vintage Pink is a mauve lilac pink hybrid and looks great with a  very light, neutral eye as the lipstick can look a bit heavy and dark if it's applied heavy handedly!

What has everyone else been loving on their lips this week?


Friday, 1 November 2013

October Favourites...

I won't go on for too long because I have a full review on it here, but The Body Shop warming mineral mask has been my life saver this month. The Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner duo in Tousle Me Softly has been my go to shower pairing for an everyday hair wash. It smells lush, leaves my hair soft but by no means lifeless, and makes it super easy to style. And for those days when I clearly haven't (but probably should have) reached for these two, the V05 Plump Me Up dry shampoo comes to my rescue. Again, it's bagged it's very own review here

I've got my sticky little hands on another of Lush's lip scrub offerings, this time in Popcorn. Not much to say on these as most people know or will have heard how much of a life saver these little bargain pots are. I've fallen in love with the Bourjois Happy Light foundation this month, although I do have to powder with with my Holy Grail Mac MSF Natural (I'm the shade medium plus). It lets me real skin show through while giving just enough coverage for day to day wear. Why oh why have I never owned a Mac 239 brush? Who let me get to 25 years of age without ever having one in my possession?

Benefit They're Real is back in my life (and, yes I know I'm sorry, back in my monthly favourites posts). I may have found an (almost) dupe for this from the drugstore but more on that later in the month. For lip wear, I've been dabbling in the Kate Moss matte range and in particular wearing 113, a pale nude, and 107, the infamous deep burgundy red that everyone, including myself) is going loopy for right now.

And, finally, what would a favourites post be without a product from The Balm? Mary Lou-manizer is everything I need a highlight to be. It lasts (for hours), gives a subtle shine to the desired areas (with the right brush and a very light hand) and comes in the cutest packaging ever.

What are everyone else's October favourites?