Monday, 25 November 2013

Sportsgirl lip stuff haul...

So my spending ban went for all of a week! Ultimate fail, but when I was killing time waiting for my bus I popped into my favourite shop over here in Australia, Sportsgirl. It's kind of a Topshop-ish shop, selling clothes, accessories, shoes and makeup and hitting the same kind of price point. I'm already well and truly in love with their nail varnishes, so I thought it only fair to give their lipsticks a trial (right?). 

Wanderlust is quite a matte lilac which I think will look cute when I finally get some sort of tan. I fell in love with Powder Puff which is actually a bit lighter than it appears here, it's a gorgeous sheeny pink that will be beautiful for an every day look. Finally my favourite, a take on the Topshop lip crayons, in a matte peachy pink. The shade was on the label which I of course took off, but I'm almost sure this is called Beauty Queen. I popped this on as soon as I got home from the shops and it stayed for AGES! A little drying, but nothing a lip balm as a base coat won't sort out. 

L-R Wanderlust, Powder Puff, Beauty Queen

Any other colours you've tried from the Sportsgirl range that I should try??



  1. oh! I really like those colors. We don't have any Sportsgirls near me in the US but thanks for sharing!

  2. I'm loving Catwalk Queen and Mad About You. Both bright fun colours. One is bright pink the other bright pinky orange.

    Now i want to try powder puff.

  3. I've never tried this brand before and I'm not sure I have where I live haha, But the colours look truly amazing. My favorite would be the mat peachy pink :)


  4. All three of those colours are tooooo nice xxx