Tuesday, 22 February 2011

"Haven't you got enough already"??...

Were Mums words when I came home with another lipstick last night. Sorry but I couldn't resist a 3 for 2 in Boots.

(One with flash, one without.)

Unfortunately, as you can see I only own one Mac lipstick. I would love this to change but I'm notorious for loosing lipstick on a night out. Or even in the bottom of my handbag day-to-day. The one Mac I do own is 'Impassioned' and I got it in New York. 

Other than that, I'm a Barry M girl, although they do dry up fast and you really need to wear a lip balm underneath and keep topping the colour up with vaseline to keep it smooth. I've got 2 shades of orange, a nude (number 101), pale pink (100) and a bright BRIGHT pink that I'm on about my third tube of because I use it far too often. My pillar-box red, dark pink, bubblegum pink (Dreamy) and burgundy/aubergine lipsticks are all 17, which I've discovered as being amazing for the price, don't always stay on all night but they never dry out and there's no need for a lipgloss. 

I'd probably say my Mac (one lady once stopped me in the street and asked what makeup house it was from), 17 in Dreamy, Barry M in hot hot pink and Barry M in orange (the 145 shade) are my favourite. 

And I'm afraid it doesn't stop there: I'm a lipgloss addict too. (This isn't the whole collection, most of them are lost in old handbags somewhere)....

Please, please keep me out of Boots at all costs!

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