Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Today I Ate Chocolate....

Sorry diet I ditched you for the day. I was doing really well, but for some reason I craved it so really went for it....

Cadbury hot chocolate and a couple of Fox's biscuits to go with 90210 :) And no, I don't feel guilt at all.

Anyway, today I wore....

Bit of a randomly put together outfit. The boots were from some random shop in Lincoln ages ago that are so comfy for a heeled boot without a platform. The t-shirt was £5 from the New Look sale last summer, it's a cream colour with a silk flower, ruffle detail down the front. The trousers are new from H&M, I'm really loving their trousers right now and they're so affordable, I can't wait for them to get some nice pale pink or terracotta coloured palazzo trousers in for the spring/summer. I've seen some I like in Topshop but don't want to spend to much on my first pair if they aren't worth it and I decide to never wear them! The blazer is one I wore the other day. And considering it was going to be something I took back to H&M, I've had more wear out of it than I have anything else I bought that day!!

Got a couple of interesting posts coming up soon, got a couple of guest appearances from some of the girls with some of the clothes they couldn't live without.

Also, as it's Tuesday, I had to purchase Look magazine: standard Tuesday behaviour! Not impressed though, because it's made me want to go to Primark SO BAD! Going to go on a quick trip tomorrow to see if they have the playsuit I spotted in the magazine, and for a few basics like tights and knickers (nowhere else beats them for that!)

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  1. I could do with a hot chocolate and biscuits right now! Love the cardigan!