Sunday, 12 June 2011

End of an era...

I have to say, I'm not feeling particularly cheerful today :(

It was my last shift at Office and, as much as I can't wait to have my weekends back and be able to go out and get horribly drunk on a Saturday and not worry about work the next day, I will miss it sooo much (and no, not just the discount!)

So anyway to make myself feel better, I used up my last discount on a pair of beautiful shoes, as well as some that have just gone in the sale!

The first ones are these wedges which I've heard from some of the girls from work who have bought them that they are PAINFUL but I thought I'd give them a go, and because they were on promotion and not sale I could use my discount as well so I got them for less than £30!! (sorry one picture with flash one without lol).

I also bought these brogues which I've wanted FOREVER! Mums got them in cream and also in grey, but it was, of course, the coral one's I've had my eyes on! You've probably seen these all over the magazines in the past couple of months, I know I've seen Pixie Lott photographed wearing hers loads just recently.

So that's the end of my time at Office :( I know I'm going to regret leaving but I just wanted to go back to working 5 days a week instead of 6!
Hope everyone's having a lovely weekend :)


  1. i don't normally like brogues but these are gorgeous! and don't have regrets because it's what you wanted :)


  2. Wowzers, LOVE both of them! Way to use your last discount haha x

  3. The brogues are so beautiful ! I waaaant them ! xx

  4. I love both pairs, especially the brogues! Nice choices for the last of your discount, and good luck in your new job xx

  5. thank-you for the comment my lovely, these are so nice! i wish there was a office in my hometown! xx

  6. Cute wedges and brogues! The coral color is so perfect for the summer!