Saturday, 18 June 2011

The big smoke...

So then ladies, it is officially the weekend and my first full weekend off work for MONTHS and I intend to enjoy it in a very drunken manner. One of my best friends got her grades back from uni and did VERY well, and she also bagged herself a job so it's ultimate celebrations tonight.

I've already started prepping for it, I went and had my gel nails filled in and they are looking fab (I'll take a NOTD pic when I've decided what colour they should be for the big night) and now I'm just deciding on makeup, which is where I'm struggling I have to admit.

Now I'm strictly a smudged kohl and lashings of mascara/false lashes girl with a bright lip. This, I feel, needs to change. I've got a lovely collections of eyeshadows and pallets going on that I think I ought to branch out, so this afternoon is going to be spent in a state of ultimate youtube tutorial bliss and a LOT of makeup wipes and I'll make a fair few mistakes I should imagine! It's going to be a brown/nude smokey eye I think, because I think I'm wearing either a cream dress or a coral top and black skirt, but then again, who knows what I'll create before tonight!!

These are some of the pallets I've got that I might try some looks out with....

I've used this Beauty UK one quite a bit, especially the gold/brown colour second from the right on the top row, this looks lovely all over the eyelid with just tons of mascara. I'm a bit scared of the green's, I worry I'll end up looking like a sea monster or something, so maybe that should be my first try today?

This is an MUA trio that I've not tried yet but heard their professional range was quite good so thought I'd give one a go. Of course I played it safe and went for a nude/brown trio, but this might be an easy start for me with a smokey eye. 

This Urban Decay pallet is actually quite old, they've bought a few variations out since I bought this one (I'm not sure the name, I have a feeling it was Fairy Tale or something) a few years a go. The colours are so pigmented they've lasted me ages, and I've taken a close up of the 6 I use the most. Not surprisingly they're the neutral brown shades, I'm starting to think I need the Urban Decay Naked pallet in my life to be honest!! You don't get any idea of how well used these ones are in this picture, but I'm nearly hitting pan on Scandal, which is a lovely peachy shimmery colour that's great on it's own or with a cream/paler colour underneath. I actually asked my mum for a single Roach pot for my birthday so I could take it out with me because I've never found an eyeshadow that suits me this much. It's so easy to wear!

Finally, I decided I needed a Sleek pallet in my life so, of course, went for the neautrelest (is this even a word??) one and got Storm. I've not used this one yet but Youtube has been fab for finding some great tutorials. I love this one because there's such a mixture of shimmery colours and matt, so I can use them as an eyeliner and under my eye too. 

Looks like I'm going to be having lots of fun over the next couple of hours trying to perfect these looks!! 
Oh and also, a quick OOTD snap before I went to get my nails done...

This was mainly to prove that, yes, I am wearing a jumper (New Look sale) and fringed boots (Office, in the Christmas sale) in June. Quite disappointing really, although I loved this outfit!

Hope you all have a great weekend whatever you have planned!
Loves xx

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