Friday, 3 June 2011

It's all about me me me....

I am LOVING this weather so much....quick picture of my outfit today which does, of course, include some coral as I have too much of it in my life right now, it's be far my colour of the moment....

My cardigan was from my H&M haul last week, and the dress is Primark from ages ago that I hadn't got around to wearing yet. 

I popped back into Superdrug (again) today and in amongst all my usual brands I came across Me Me Me which, it seems, has had an overhaul and looks fab! The packaging is very Benefit-esque but it’s a fraction of the price and some of the products were great. I only picked up a couple of things from their range, to see what they were like really as I’d never really tried them before.

Firstly I picked up this lipstick which comes in a really cute little cardboard package, and is such a beautiful moisturising coral colour. It’s really strong and pigmented, is really long lasting and probably one of my favourite lipsticks I’ve ever bought (apart from Mac Saint Germain obv).

I also bought their blusher in coral, which is packaged exactly like Benefit blushers, and I have to say with a similar finish. Again, as with the benefit blushes, I don’t like the brush at all. It’s pointless, is rough on my skin and doesn’t give a very even finish, but other than that this blush is lovely. This is my first coral coloured blush I’ve ever tried and, due to my absolute obsession with all things coral at the moment, I’m not disappointed! I've got the coral blush on in my OOTD picture above. 


  1. I am so needing that lipstick, what a pretty coral! Loving the dress on you too hun :-) xx

  2. I was so impressed with the colour, I'm going back to get a few more colours from their range I think. Thank you :)


  3. Love your dress! :)

    The lipstick looks such a pretty colour too xx

  4. Lovely outfit, the dress really suits you - I wish I could wear maxi dresses but they look so funny one me :(
    Love the blusher and lipstick too <3

  5. LOVE your outfit, it's gorgeous! xx

  6. Wow, you look great and a lovely haul too xx

  7. Beautiful dress, you look stunning! Ooh and I really like the colour of that lipstick too