Monday, 27 June 2011

The big melt....

How gorgeous was yesterday? We had heat AND sunshine, something quite unusual for this country lets be fair! I went strawberry picking with the family, then had a BBQ and spent the evening dying of heat watching Glasto (yes then Pendulum/The Streets) and Inside Man (good film, although I admit I didn’t get to the end of it).

Today has been what can only described as a wardrobe malfunction. A big one. I donned a midi-skirt today for the first time, came to just below my knees in a bright summery coral/red. I’d love to say I took an OOTD picture of it but I was running late for work after I suddenly decided I couldn’t last the day if I didn’t download Beyonces album (out today girls….go download NOW!) for my ipod and car. The skirt has a sort of underskirt in it to stop it being see-through in the glare of the sun, which is fab I admit, unless you get it tucked up on your walk to work and only realise when you reach your final destination *cringe*. Also, I teamed my skirt with a pair of brown wedges. I’ve had these for years but not worn them much until I recently discovered my love for anything with a wedge. I managed the whole 15min walk (uphill) to work, and back down into town on my lunch break (to the Mac counter, I needed to re-buy things, unfortunately no interesting haul for you). It was the walking back up the hill where the problems started when, yes that’s right, my shoe strap snapped off. I managed to limp around the corner and swap them for my flats I’d stashed in my handbag (and may my friends never again laugh at my oversized handbag and its emergence content!!).

Despite all that, I have been loving the sun. Too hot though, and I start to run into problems. I’m not sure if everyone has the problem, but my lipsticks seem to melt. A lot. It started with my Mac Saint Germain when I took it to a hot and sweaty dubstep night in my handbag (which was probably by fault) and it ended up looking like this. I can still use it, but I admit I’m a little gutted.

The next one happened with my GOSH 134. This one isn’t anywhere near as bad, as I’ve stopped putting it in pockets and out at night with me, which is a shame because I would wear it every night if I could. 

I’m also finding that, as much as I love the mememe lipsticks, they are a buggar for melting. This one has have NEVER been on a night out with me, and has only ever been in my makeup box in my room (along with the rest of them) or thrown in my handbag for work. I really think this is unacceptable, especially as both of the mememe lipsticks I have, have gone down this path.

And it can’t be something I’m doing wrong, because some of my lipsticks are literally melt proof. When I used to work in Office, I sweated my bum off day in and day out, but always managed to carry around this lipstick (Boots 17 Dreamy) without even a hint of meltage. I have this lasting fix range in a number of colours, and no matter how often they come out in my handbag or sweaty shorts pocket, they are as good as new by the end of it. Topshop lipsticks also seem indestructible. The one in the picture below was in my handbag with me all day yesterday in the heat, and its perfect.

Has anyone else noticed melting with certain brands?
Is there a way I can still take my Mac lipsticks out with me and not worry?



  1. Ah, my natural collection lipstick melted in my bag on a sunny day, it was only a cheapie and I can still use it but it was enough warning for my more expensive lippies! x

  2. The only lipstick of mine that has melted was creme de nude by MAC. Gutted! xo

  3. All my natural collection ones seem to melt, but its probably because its a very cheap brand! What foundation would you suggest for mediumish coverage which doesnt cause spots? Your makeup always looks lovely so I thought you would be the one to ask on makeup. Also, how do you make your hair so big?! Its fantastic.

    I have just stumbled across your blog and am now following as I love it. Hope you check out mine :) xxx