Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Oh My Gosh…

Popped into Superdrug yet again to day and it looks even better than last time. In case you don’t follow me on Twitter, my local Superdrug is having a re-furb and is looking fab, with new makeup counters and a brow threading bar. I think they’re doing this in quite a lot of the bigger stores and it is such an improvement!

Anyway the makeup stands are amazing now, and I was especially attracted to the GOSH stand and the 3 for 2 sign hanging up in it!

As you may or may not know, I don’t really have eyebrows. I do, but they’re really fair considering my hair colour, and sort of half the length of most peoples, so I would never ever leave the house without some brow maintenance, and I’ve really been experimenting with this just recently. I still have my dirty blonde rimmel pencil, but I’ve been finding some careful blending with me new elf shape and fill double ended pencil in a much darker shade than I would usually choose has been giving me a more defined and dramatic look. Whilst browsing GOSH I came across their new long lasting eyebrow pen which looks a bit like a felt tip pen, which I picked up in 004 Wheat. Again this is darker than what I’ve used in the past and I think it will take a fair bit of practice because mistakes are not easy to correct!

(sorry about this picture, it just would not be clear!!)

I also picked up their long lasting eye liner pen in 008 Carbon black which was a bit of a revelation for me as I’m a kohl girl through and through. I haven’t used it yet but it’s a nice fine tip which should go on quite neatly. What other liquid eye liners does everyone recommend? Or even gel liners that I am also yet to try?

Finally I picked up another one of their limited edition nail varnished since my amazing discovery with their Lavender shade last week. It literally DID NOT chip. For three whole days, I was left with perfect nails and I never found a nail varnish that has ever done that before due to my extremely brittle and pealing nails! I can't tell you what shade it's in because they stuck the security tag over it but I'll research for you.

It's a bit standard for be as I have loads of pink colours in my collection, but now I finally have one that doesn’t chip at the first opportunity!! I’ll probably save this for a bit though because as I’ve got my gel nails on I can wear any nail varnish without it chipping, which I am loving!! 


  1. that nail varnish is beautiful :)) x

  2. I love the GOSH eyeliner pens. The Purple one and Black Brass are great. For gel liners, the Maybelline one is brilliant and the brush it comes with very handy.

  3. I very nearly picked that up, might give that a go next time!!