Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The only way is....

So summer is officially here (apparently) and today is the longest day. Deeply depressing!

On a totally other topic, if you have me on Twitter you'll probably have heard me bang on about seeing Chloe from TOWIE on Saturday night in my local night club. It was an Only Way Is Essex night and she was doing a meet and greet....any way I got far to drunk on wine, and ended walking home with a box of chicken nuggets as the sun was coming up. Always a sign of a good night!

I took a couple of pictures before we went out, and it seems like I was thoroughly enjoying the thumbs up/cheesy smile pose....

Steph wore a FIT leopard print dress from Lipsy and black ballet pumps from Barratts. 

I wore a Forever 21 skirt, H&M coral top, Primark socks and jewellery from Primark/ Chelsea Doll. And just because the shoes are SO hot, I took you all a close up to drool over....

Oh yea, and this was BEFORE we went out...... (lets face it, there's no hope judging by this picture!)

Oooops nearly forgot the reason we went out, the beautiful Chloe Sims .....

loves xxx


  1. You look very lovely ! I bloody love them shoes xx

  2. Omg you met Chloe im sooooo JEL hahaha.
    You look great too x x x

  3. Heyy Honey, Ive tagged you in my recent post, go check it out :) :) x x x

  4. I love all of your outfit posts you do! And I would die for your hair lol!
    New follower =)

  5. ahhh thanks girls :)

    Bethany it's not all mine, I use extensions. I've filmed a hair tutorial video I'm going to post soon!