Thursday, 30 June 2011

June favourites...

I love this time of month, I think monthly favourites may be my favourite posts! I was going to do this as a video post again but I'm still having problems uploading, and I've also got a horrible cold so I look a bit like an out of season Rudolph. I'm still trying to upload my 11 most reached for products video, and I've STILL got a hair tutorial to upload which I promise I will over the weekend hopefully. 

Anyway here goes....I've not actually loved much this month, I've been to busy to go shopping and buy anything to be honest. My first two are tanning products, as I'm trying to perfect my tan at the moment. I used to love to be ORANGE and, whilst I hate the pale look, I'm trying to achieve a nice glow which I think the combo of these two do nicely...

This was £4.99 from TK Maxx, originally £9.99 and I love the colour it goes. It goes on smoother than St Moriz, but doesn't come out as dark. After a shower it pretty much all comes off but over a few days it builds up a reasonable colour. 

I was desperat for a facial tanner that didn't smell like biscuits and that didn't leave me a crazily dark colour. I risked it with this one, as it was a bit pricey (about £7.99 I think) but it builds up the faintest healthy glow that looks so natural. 

Considering I'm so in love with my Superdrug vitamin body moisturiser, the fact that I've found another that I love is pretty impressive. I LOVE the smell of this it's so summery. It's got a much thicker consistency than I'm used to, and I probably wouldn't use it every night but it's quite nice between tanning when I need a lot of moisturiser. I'd repurchase this in every flavour to be honest! 

Bit of a random one having perfume in here but I cannot believe how much I love this. It's one of those smells that is perfect for everything. It's not too heavy to wear going to the shops and it's got a long lasting scent if you want to wear it at night. I love the simple bottle, it's just amazing in every way. 

Yes OK I know I'm late on the Peach Melba band wagon, but I was trying to avoid buying any more nail varnishes for a while. Couldn't resist in the end though. I bought this last week and worn it every day since. 

Apologies for not having much makeup in this favourites post but, as I said, I've not bought lots, and the things I have bought haven't been in my 'I have to reach for that every morning' pile. This is the eyebrow kit from Elf in dark, and it's literally amazing, gives me flawless brows. The wax gives just enough hold for the day, and the colour is really natural.

So that's it for m favourites, not a very exciting one but these are literally the things I've used every day this month and will buy over and over again. 

I also went for it and popped to the River Island sale (well come on, it had been trending topic on Twitter all day) and picked a few bits up. It was late in the day by the time I got there and it was what can only be described as a nightmare. Clothes literally all over the floor. I spent less than £20!

I picked a couple of scarves up, the top one isn't really my sort of thing I mainly bought it because I thought Mum would like it (yes I know, model daughter) but the bottom one is gorgeous. It's a chiffon BRIGHT pink with a chain and coin detail, thin enough to wear as a huge head scarf and tie in a bow, or decorate a plain handbag with. These were both £5 each, bargain!

This was £7 and I bought it in an 18 because I loved it soooo much! I don't think I've really got anything lilac in my wardrobe so this made a change, I actually might wear it on Saturday when I go shopping in Birmingham with some denim shorts and a sleeveless leather jacket, and probably some over the knee socks. 

These were my favourite buy, I nearly bought them at full price last week but today they were down to £2!! My turquoise obsession is growing rapidly.....

Can't wait to read everyone's monthly favourites!


  1. I saw that sunkissed fake tan in Savers for £2.99, I wondered if it was any better than St.Moriz, I was intrigued by 'longer lasting' cos I find that moriz comes pretty much all off after a shower x

  2. I don't know if I'd say 'longer lasting', I think it's easier to build up a nicer colour over a few days though x

  3. OMG... I "tried" the River Island sale online and I was amazed how cheap everything was so id click all excited and nothing in my size grrr think I left it too late... sooooo gutted!!!! :( x x

  4. It was like a jumble sale when I went in, couldn't hack it. So much stuff I wanted but same as you, no sizes :( x