Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Updated daily foundation routine….

Now try not to be too astounded when I tell you that my Mac Studio Fix Fluid has gone to the back of the foundation line. As much as I still love it above any other foundation EVER, I really wanted to use up some other’s that I’ve had and not really liked, in order to avoid wasting money!

I did a review a while ago on the Garnier BB cream saying I didn’t like it, which is still true. In fact I now think I hate it. I gave it to my Mum to see if she got on any better with it, and I’m yet to hear a verdict but I’d be fairly interested to know. Anyway. I also hated the Bourjois Health Mix (oooo controversial) but was determined to find a way I liked it. I tried my Mac mineralised skin finish over the top, I tried the Elf HD powder, I even tried mixing the BB Cream and Healthy Mix together (odd combo, wouldn’t recommend trying this!). Anyway while I was on the Elf website a while ago I (for some unknown reason) decided I wanted to try one of their mineralised foundations. Now I like a full coverage foundation, preferably nice and thick and ‘glowy’. Again, bad decision because I hated it. However one morning while I was throwing all sorts of junk on my face, I came across the Healthy Mix/Elf Mineral foundation combo and I am LOVING IT! I can’t say I’d ever wear it on an evening out or a special occasion but for an every day, wearing to work type foundation, I’m smitten!

Me new combo

Basically, I’d encourage you to just chuck on a load of combo’s of products even if you’re not keen on them because you never know what magic will happen!



  1. that looks really nice, really healthy, i know what you mean, i have products i stopped using and mixing them i have a new love xxx

  2. Your skin looks fantastic! I love the mix of mineral on top of liquid foundation - its what i'm currently using too xx

  3. haha love you getting all scientific with your foundations, can just see you in a white overcoat and test tubes of foundation (god im weird) I totally agree with you tho, if your not going to use it anyway you have nothing to lose, and glad you found a combo you like. Ive just ran out of my Revlon Colourstay my fav foundation of all time, im going to re purchase but I fancy something new too. x x

  4. I love mixing products too, and this looks flawless on you!x

  5. good result xx

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