Sunday, 13 November 2011

Sunday treats....

It's only right, I think, that after an amazing Saturday night celebrating the besties 23rd birthday that a teeny tiny bit f retail therapy is needed. Rude not to really! I was in desperat need of a new lip balm as all of mine seemed to have ran out at once so I popped to Boots and went a bit wild...

I'd had a Burt's Bee's lip balm ages ago but never re-purchased for some reason so thought I'd re-buy. Of course it hasn't disjointed. I'd sen this Blistex lip massage in a magazine last week, and thought it seemed a bit of a nifty gadget so thought I'd pick this up too. It's so so nice, really tingly and the lip massager is a bit of a really gentle exfoliator too! I randomly picked up a cheapy Boot own Coconut & Almond lip butter mainly because I need something to throw in my draw at work but also anything coconut scented is a winner recently, my fave! Lastly I bought the more expensive (£8 for a lipbalm?!?!) Soap & Glory Mighty Mouth, but only because I was picking up some other things from the range and it turned out to be free on their 3 for 2 offer....

I've not tried the lip balm or the moisture lotion yet but I did pop the No Clogs Aloud mask on earlier for the full 5 minutes and can honestly say this has made my skin feel like nothing before, it's so smooth, even and clear. I'm practically glowing! I'll be putting a full review of this up some time this week, it's amazing!

Thought I'd also pop up a quick OOTN pic up while I'm here, my hair looks slightly odd in this pic but it's the angle of the pic I think, it looked normal in real life!

Leather gillet: Matalan
Black strapless dress, jeans and jewellery: Miss Selfridge
Allegra Boots: Topshop
Clutch bag: Matalan

Hope you've all had a fab weekend



  1. Lovely outfit :) I want to try the Soap and Glory mask!! xxx

  2. Leopard print JEANS?? OMG so awesome! I want!!!

  3. love your outfit xx

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