Friday, 25 November 2011

Weekly review....17 Cosmetics Supreme Shine Lipstick...

Hey lovelies! As you all know, lipstick is my thing. I'm now on about (oh god I can't believe I'm about to admit this) 84 in my collection and it's continually growing. So of course when I popped into Boots a while ago and saw the cheeky little blue 'new' sticker along side the 3 for 2 sign, I knew I had to give the new 17 Cosmetics Supreme Shine Lipsticks a go.
I usually like a high impact, matt, or bright coloured lippy, but I quite fancied some easier to wear shades for every day and work. These have got such a gorgeous finish, I wouldn't say they were particularly long lasting but they have a lovely glossy finish. The colour range is fairly good; everything from a vivid red to a pale nude. I picked up If You Please which looks a gorgeous bright pink in the tube and gives a lovely pink gloss to the lips:
(first time I've done lip pics and realise I have a seriously wonky mouth!)

Pink Posy is my favourite in the tube, but looks really disappointing on the lips in this picture, it looks almost identical to If You Please. It's supposed to be a purply pink shade but needs to be really layered to get the right effect. I actually popped this on yesterday with my Benefit lip plumper underneath which gave it a nice base to stick to and made the colour a bit stronger, but I never got a picture of it!

This one is Barely Blush, a lovely wearable 'your lips but better' colour. Overall I LOVE these and definitly want to add more to my collection. They're so affordable, £4.99 each but you can always pick the 17 brand up on some sort of offer. 

(l-r) If You Please, Barely Blush, Pink Posy

Have you tried any other colours out of the range?
Hope you've all got a lovely weekend planned!



  1. Barely Blush is stunning! Definitely a lip colour that you could wear everyday and with anything!!

    Gem x

  2. Oooh, If you please looks like my cup of tea. I haven't tried these but may have to try that one.
    P.s. your lips don't look the slightest bit wonky lol.

  3. These lippies look really nice, I bought a red lipstick from 17 once but it was too "cakey", I'll have to give these another go. also, your lips don't look wonky, my lovely! I know how you feel when you take close ups pics for your blog and you realise things you never noticed before. I have discovered that I have one eye bigger than the other!! xxx

  4. I've never noticed these before, they look nice and subtle xx

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  6. pretty colour xx

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  7. I wish pink lipsticks suited me! Love the looks of that red one, though.

    x Michelle |

  8. I love the last one, what a bargain price too. I'm yet to buy a lipstick, got some weird phobia of them!x

  9. Celia I wish I had a phobia of lipsticks, my bank balance would love me for it!!

    Thanks for the comments girls, I'd deffo recommend these they're amazing!


  10. "Barely Blush" looks so pretty, I really want to try these now! X