Sunday, 7 August 2011

My week in outfits...

Cannot believe I haven't blogged all week! I've hardly even been on blogger to see what you've all been up to which has been annoying. Basically I've been so busy, worked every day then just had plans every night, nothing particularly exciting just dinner with the girls, drinks with friends, then I went out with work on Friday, recovered yesterday then went out with the girls last night! Busy week! Anyway I've tried to save a bit of money so not bought much, however I did manage a quick Topshop spree on Thursday to finally get my american flag denim shorts, which I actually wore Friday night and last night! Great purchase!

This was a work outfit on one of the cooler days at the end of the week, just a simple oversized shirt from Primark over leggings. I also wore my hair extensions straight which I almost NEVER do. And from this picture you can see why!

This was for a catchup with one of my best friends who came back from Maga, we just went the pub and it had been such a beaut day so I wore my dark denim high waisted shorts from Miss Selfridge with a baggy rose pink Primark tshirt. 

Now I do love this outfit, just not on me. It's one of those skirts that you want to be able to wear, but that looks hideous actually on me. The skirt was from primark and I wore it with my coral New Look wedges and just a plain black vest. Like I said...loved the outfit, just not on me! I was in look with my makeup on this, very plain but with one of my Sleek Pout Paints in Milkshake!

Easily my favourite outfit of the week! I went for a drink on Wednesday in town, and went for my Primark skinny pale blue jeans (SO TIGHT!) with my Office boat shoes and coral Urban Outfitters handbag. I can't wait to wear these jeans again!

This is pretty standard for me, denim shorts, tights, checked shirt and trainers. This was just for dinner with the girls, and this t-shirt was about a year old and I'd never worn it. So I ended up cutting the neck and sleeves out and made it a vest. The design is amazing, two skulls kissing surrounded by flowers and other random things. 

This one is pretty similar to the last one, I went to the zoo today with a friend so just threw on my old faithful New Look high waisted shorts with converse and checked shirt, plus the sunglasses of course!!

Lovely toilet picture here! Sorry about that! These are my new Topshop shorts, they horrendously short but absolutely worth it! I wore them with just a plain black Primark body, my Office shoes and urban outfitters bag. Lush outfit, I love it!

So that's it really, I also got a load of new Model's Own nail varnishes so hopefully have lots of nice nail of the day's coming up. I found an amazing nail combination this week, I'll definitely be wearing this all the time now. 

(without flash)

(with flash)

Just a really barbie pink from H&M, with Pink Fizz from models own over the top. SO girlie and glittery, can't go wrong!
Anyway hopefully I'll get back onto blogging again this week, I've got the Witch face primer to review for you, such an amazing product, and I promise you'll get my top 10 lip product post!



  1. Absolutely ADORE the shorts seriously considering getting them now iv seen them on yet another blogger! xx

  2. I love your your camera... i really want one like this but they are so expensive! I love your outfit with the I ♥ NY top. Your tshirt and shoes are lovely, I am thinking about buying some shoes like these :) Your hair looks nice both up and down - you suit any look! In your 3rd picture, your skirt looks lush on you, and your American shorts are also nice. Very Pretty xxx

  3. love your outfits! especially the primark blouse and toppers shorts!!

  4. I love all your outfits especially the bottom one - the American Flag shorts are gorgeous! xx

  5. I absolutely love the first outfit and your night out outfit with the american flag topshop shorts! They're awesome :)

    Gem x

  6. Love your red Converse, just got myself some purple ones :D
    and that nail combo is awesome <3


  7. Oh my god I love all of these outfits!! Especially the first, your hair looks lush! xx

  8. Wow at all these beautiful outfits. Glad your back & blogging again hun! :D xx

  9. all these pictures are super cute!!! love all your outfits!

    jos xx

  10. ahhh thanks for all the lovely comments girls! glad there's so much love for the american flag shorts, I'm so in love with them!


  11. Hi.u look your outfit xxx