Monday, 8 August 2011

Weekly Review: Witch skin clearing primer...

So for my first weekly review (I'm going to make sure I review one amazing product I've been obsessed with every week), I'm going to tell you about my new discovery....this miracle product....

I've recently started introducing primer into my everyday makeup routine, and my usual Benefit Porefessional, despite being fab for a night time look, is a bit too chalky and matt for a daytime look. I was just casually wandering the isles in Superdug looking for a new face mask and I spotted the Witch naturally clear range that really caught my eye. When I was younger I used to absolutely love the Witch foaming face wash and the blue zingy blemish stick, so wondered what other little treats they'd bought out since those turns out, quite a lot!

It's a cute little bottle, 30ml so it's small enough to fit in your makeup bag but lasts ages, especially for the bargain of £6.99. It has a little pump dispenser so easy to apply and not messy at all. I've been using it with just my fingers like a moisturiser then popping my healthy mix foundation over the top. Even with the battering my skin got in the HOT weather last week, my makeup was still pretty 'there' by the end of the day. I didn't think that was a fair test though as nothing is every going to stay put and matt on your skin in that weather, so over the weekend and today I've used it, and not only has my makeup looked fresh and new all day, I looked 'glowing' without looking greasy! 

I've been using it instead of moisturiser in the morning so it's great as a bit of a timer saver, and even though there's not the strong witch hazely smell (thank goodness, I like it but I wouldn't want it under my nose all day!) it makes my skin feel fresh and clear as soon as I put it on. It claims to work as a barrier against makeup too, to stop pores getting blocked, and although I'm not prone to spotty skin usually anyway, I have noticed it's evened out the skin tone a bit around my nose and chin where I get a slight red coloration due to makeup aggravating me. 

All in all, I absolutely LOVE this, mainly because it skips out a stage in my makeup this morning, it keeps my makeup fresh all day, creates a barrier between my skin and makeup to stop breakouts, and is a great little bargain. Highly recommend if you're looking for a great priced primer that won't make your makeup feel too heavy and 'cakey' and that helps your skin!

Have any of you tried any of the other Witch anti-blemish cosmetics range? What else would you recommend? 



  1. Wow, this is very nice review xxxxx

    Hugs from .....Leicester;)

  2. Ive had a few Witch products, love the smell. Ive never seen this before but it sounds great :) x x

  3. I LOVE Witch, I need to try this! xx

  4. I'm definitely gonna try this! Nice review :)