Sunday, 21 August 2011

Weekend in outfits....

I'm currently lying in bed in my new pjamas watching Big Bang Theory and giggling to myself about last nights antics. I've had yet another fabulous weekend, went on a date Friday night and treated myself to a new shirt for it (not that didn't already have millions of things I could have worn)...

Shirt: Select
Vest, bag, tights and belt: Primark
Shorts: Forever21
Boots: Office
Jewellery: Topshop, H&M, Primark

It was nice to wake up fresh and without a hangover on Saturday morning, so I made the most of it and went into Leicester for some shopping with some of the girls....oh and if you want to see what I got, I filmed a nice little haul here....

Top: Forever21
Jeans and bag: Primark
Shoes: Office
Jewellery: Topshop, Primark, Accessorize
Watch: TW Steel

I think I may actually love these jeans, they're my favourite thing in my wardrobe right now actually. They are ridiculously tight and look like they're sprayed on but after a few lunges to loosen them up a bit, they're fine! Oh and my hair was day old hair after I'd used the wave maker, my favourite new toy!

I went out with the girls last night and don't really have any pictures of outfits as such, but I got a few randoms from the night....

Oh and about these pjamas I'm wearing....may be the best thing I've ever bought??

OK now I need sleep to recover....



  1. I love your outfit posts, so gorgeous. :)

    Select is becoming one of my favourite places to shop at the moment.. nearly all the clothes are in the sale! :) xx

  2. Gorgeous outfits, looks like you had a fab weekend! x

  3. Love the outfits - especially the boots in the first one :)

    The PJs are amazing too xx

  4. The first outfit is so great! I love your bag! ♥

    xoxo, Dominika

  5. I just randomly came across your blog, love it. You have some really nice outfits. Followed :) x

  6. Thanks for all the fab comments girls :D x