Sunday, 28 August 2011

Pack your bags...

What a hectic few days I'm about to have! It's my best friends birthday today so we're all off to a hotel in Leicester (mainly for ease of stumbling back to bed at who knows what time in the morning) then off for a Nando's then to get merry in a ladylike way (NOT!!)

I've been very methodical about this bag packing malarky (terrified of forgetting something) and laid it all out on my bed....

I'm wearing my new Lipsy playsuit (as if I bought something from there!!? Don't tell anyone, I'm ashamed, but I do love this little beauty!) and my New Look wedges which are so low for me! I'm going to feel like a midget! Then just standard dark tan, huge hair (new extensions.....exciting!!) and big lashes/bright lipstick. 

Hope you all have lots of exciting plans for the bank holiday!



  1. That playsuit is gorgeous, loving the clutch too! xx

  2. You're going to look amazing! xx

  3. emma that playsuit is actually so cute! berry sophisticated ;) xx