Thursday, 3 May 2012

Brown eyebrows, bun rings and a bit of naughty shopping....

Hey all :) I've had a bit of a busy week again this week, I went to Birmingham to see Example on Tuesday (which was, by the way, AMAZING!) I didn't get an outfit of the day but I did post this picture on Instagram looking particularly excited....

Whilst I was in Birmingham, I did a bit of shopping, mainly for things to take to Australia so nothing too exciting. I did get a new dress for my leaving night out which is in a couple of weeks so I'll save that for an OOTD if you want to see it!!

I'm really lazy with my hair right now, just throwing it into a messy bun and a quiff or plaiting the front of my hair but I was sorting through some boxes last week and came across my bun ring. Me and the bun ring have NOT got on in the past, but I set aside half an hour and had a play around and it WORKED...

(not finished my makeup at this point sorry!)

Speaking of playing around with something different, I decided to have a go with a lighter brow. That's right, BROWN instead of BLACK. I still think I prefer the black brow, but I did love going for something a bit lighter with a lighter, more delicate eye makeup...

That's all for now, I've got my review of the Illamasqua brow cake coming up after the weekend and hopefully a bank holiday in outfits post! 



  1. Brown eyebrows look so much nicer babe! I don't mean that horribly at all, because you could probably pull of anything, but brown looks so much more natural & pretty! I know it's shocking when you go from black, but it'll grow on you ;) x x

    1. Yea I quite like brown for a natural daytime look now, it is taking some getting used to though! xxx

    i'm following you now :D
    mind to follow back? :)


  3. Major brow envy over here :)

  4. lovin your brows and nails!!

  5. I need a bun ring, I want a really big one. Do you know where sells them? ive not seen them around. Your hair looks fab so does the lighter brow (always love a dark brow tho :P) x x