Friday, 6 May 2011

Only shopping will do....

When you've had a trauma like I had this morning, this really is the case. I did something I've not done since I was 10....fall over. Straight on my knees, the full blow cushioned by my poor River Island handbag and my blackberry (luckily I had my case on it to take the scuffs). The main difference being, when I fell over when I was 10, I was allowed to scream blue murder while someone nursed my poor bloody knee with an antiseptic wipe and pop on a Barbie plaster. When you're 22 however, you have to put on a brave face, walk the remaining few yards to the bus and pretend there's nothing wrong. Worst bit is, I fell on my dodgy knee that had only just started to get better! Clearly I'm back to square one again.

So like I said, I comforted myself with a lunchtime trip to Primark.

I was in serious need of some undies now the summer's coming. My dingy white bra's and skanky elastic-less pants won't cut it, so naturally it's Primark for brilliantly priced, good quality smalls. For £1 a pair, who cares if you only wear them a couple of times or you fake tan in them and they turn a manky shade of brown? 

I have developed a maxi skirt obsession, it's kind of out weighing my trouser obsession at the moment, although I appreciate they're not always the most practical of clothing items. I adore this one, £16 from Primark. I especially love the black bit around the bottom, because it saves the cream becoming discoloured. Haven't tried it on yet but from twirling it around the kitchen a few times, it looks like it's going to have a lovely movement to it. I think I'll wear it with black sandals and a black loose cami top. I also think it will look nice with a black or coloured bandeau if I ever get a flat stomach (must.stay.away.from.crisps!) If it's long enough, I'm considering it with black heeled worker boots.....

This one could cause tears later. I had to buy an 8 and I'm usually a 10 in this style from Primark, but I could NOT let this one go so I risked it. It is truly beautiful and it is gettin worn asap. I'll probably pick a colour out of it for my sandals (orange or maybe pink) and wear a plain black vest with it. I'm off with a coffee with one of my besties tomorrow so I'm hoping it will be nice enough to crack this out with my cropped denim jacket. Love at first sight (fingers crossed it fits....)

And yes you may well recognise it. I've got it in navy black and tan and wore it on a previous post, and got SO MANY comments when I wore it that I had to go and get the cream and navy one. Fits like a dream, is so easy to wear with some sandals and a skinny wait belt tied around the middle. 

Just a couple of outfits from the week. 

The was from work on Thursday, dress and tights from Primark, suede shoe boots from Office. 

Went for a drive and a chill with a mate in his new car, Jeggings from Zara, top from New York and customised with the sleeves ripped off, boat shoes Office. I'm sure these haven't come off my feet since I bought them!!

Anyway my knee's killing, and I need a green tea to ease the pain. Oh ok what I really need is a large glass of rose, but this bloody detox is going to work even if it kills me....


  1. ohh, i saw that maxi skirt and was so tempted to buy but restrained myself! hope your knee gets better asap (:

  2. Thank-you for the comment my lovely,
    I WANT YOUR HAIR! you can have mine all you like hehe :3 I love maxi skirt too. I hope your knee gets better soon :) xx

  3. No worries :) Right that's it we can swap :)