Monday, 2 May 2011

Bank Holiday Pt 2....

Now, I'd love to say that this Bank Holiday was a wild one but, well, it wasn't. Been feeling rubbish and a bit down (missing a certain someone who's buggard off to Newquay which naturally means we have less communication that we did when he lived around the corner).

I went out Thursday in a horrible denim dress that for some reason I thought would be a good idea to buy but I ended up feeling seriously self conscious all night so will be relegating to wear with a cardigan and sandals in the daytime (not to self, I don't do strapless).

So Friday was the Royal Wedding and, I'll happily admit, I cried. Twice. Only a tear in the eye moment, but still an emotional one. I thought Kate looked sensational, and was so glad she went for McQueen. I literally squealed with excitement when I caught a glimpse of Sarah Burton helping Kate into the car outside the hotel!! Also, all credit to The Queen, colour blocking like a pro in yellow. And of course, Pippa. Stole the show in her dress, with a figure to die for!!!

Speaking of figures, my detox started today, and I celebrated the last supper with a 4 plater all you can eat Chinese buffet. But all the fun's ended and I'm on a serious green tea diet.....I am a huge fan of green tea normally, but usually just standard or with a hint of lemon...

I've decided to get a little bit more adventurous though and raided Morrisons tea aisle for variations...

I have to say, White Tea is incredible. Not such a strong flavour as green tea, but still got the same health qualities. I'm yet to try any of these fruity green teas but I'm hoping for a success!

I also got a bag of ground Flax Seeds to put into yogurt or over my cereal in the morning to hopefully prevent my 10.30am cravings of anything and everything edible. Not sure how I'm going to take to these but I'll try anything once and at the bargain price of £1.75 who can say no???

So anyway I did a car boot sale on Sunday morning and made a successful wedge of cash which is going on a tank of petrol with a fair bit left over, that I won't lie was spent in H&M today on this....

Skirt was £7.99 and for those days where I can't bear to wear tights to work!! It's just the right length to wear bare legs to work, and will look cute with a little white cami and some tan lofa 's or boat shoes. 

This picture really doesn't show this dress off to it's full beauty....seriously stunning for £30! I know I said I didn't do strapless but the way this sits is all ruffled around the top so gives the illusion of a bigger chest so I can wear a suitable bra haha!! It's pale pink and black, again you can't quite tell in this dress. So I have the beautiful dress, all I need now is a hot man to take me out on a hot date.....although chance would be a fine thing! 

And what girl could be without a few bandeau tops now the summer is here. I've got so many drop arm sleeve tops that need a bit more than just a bra I've always been a massive fan of these!! Two for £6.99 is always a winner!

And what did I wear for my final supper and my shopping trip...?

New boat shoes from office, with my H&M drop crotch trousers (which I managed to get egg fried rice down....) and a Topshop black cami, and my new cropped bleach denim jacket I got in Birmingham on my shopping trip with the girls the other day. And of course, my new favourite Hot Chilli Rimmel lipstick. 

Other than all this, it's been a pretty relaxing weekend...and so the detox starts here. Well, after watching Up with Dad (who claim's it's the saddest film he's ever watched. No, genuinely, he's almost in tears...)


  1. Ive been eyeing up those Office boat shoes for a while now ! Love the outfit , you look bloody loveley . Hope your feeling better xx

  2. ahhh thanks babe I've just about lived in them since I've bought them! x