Wednesday, 11 May 2011

More of those pearly whites....

Just a quick update on my teeth whitening efforts....I've gone up three shades whiter now thanks to BlanX whitening toothpaste, and I'm really pleased with the results especially considering the price of it. I don't tend to use it every single day, probably about four times a week. So anyway what do you think to the results....?

Also, a little bit of recognition is deserved for the earings I wore today...

They were £4 from Matalan, and they're seriously cute! Hope everyone's OK, just a quick one while I watch/drool over Ed Westwick on the National Movies Awards!


  1. Oooo wow they are very white ! Im a lover of white teeth , I normally use the Arm and hammer whitening toofpaste , how much was the blanx ? xx

  2. Thanks :)
    I've never used that, do you get good results from it?
    It's £7.99 but a big tube and lasts really well on about 5 uses a week!

  3. ooh where did you get it from? My teeth are going really dull atm and need brightening up