Saturday, 28 May 2011

Let's free fall and see where we land.....

Today I'm just obsessed with this song...

Anyway this is a pretty picture heavy one sorry guys, just to show you what I've been spending my pennies on.

These are actually from New Look and the were reduced to £2! They're really similar to Barry M dazzle dust pots, the colours are great and stay on great without creasing or the glitter falling off onto my cheeks!

This was a bargain down to £8 from New Look, I might wear it out tomorrow night tucked into high waisted denim shorts when I go out with the girls!

Another bargain from New Look, this was £8 as well and it's so cute with the little pockets on the front.

I really needed a plain short cardigan to go over a black and white maxi dress I've got for work, and of course it had to be corral! £12.99 H&M.

I've never really been much of a floral dress fan but I love the elasticating on this one, and it will look cute with tan loafer's when the sun decided to come out! £14.99 H&M

This is easily my favourite purchase, a jersey playsuit with elasticated waist, I really want to wear this for work tomorrow with some black leggings and my white hightop converse! Such a bargain for £9.99 from H&M.

This is just a little skirt for work, £7.99 from H&M, and I've got a button up collared sleeveless shirt that will look quite cute tucked in.

I just picked this up for the size, perfect for my handbag! It's a floral smelling body spray, it's not a very strong smell but it's good for topping up through the day.

I've got nearly all of their range of the £1.99 bangles and bracelets from there, and I usually wear them all at once stacked up my arm. I've got these in black but I loved the snakeskin detail so got both new colours!

These were in the sale in New Look (two were buy one get one free and two were down to £1) because I'm trying to grow my hair so need something to make it look fun when it's up!

I picked a couple of cheap makeup brushes up in Kerrie Anne's as well, I'm still experimenting guys but I'm sure I'll find some I like soon!

I could NOT believe these when I was stood waiting to pay for my brushes, as these are usually £2.99 a set. And these are £5.99 for FIVE sets! They're all slightly different as well which is nice.

Dorothy Perkins had a great sale on their jewellery and after a rummage around I found these three for the total of £8.

Ooooh and the most exciting thing about today...I'm finally back to being a Black Cherry-head, and I had my nails done; some nice short square gel nails. 

I went out last night with Chris to see some of his friends singing in a bar in town, was a really nice evening and it was the end of my alcohol detox which I thoroughly enjoyed. I wore my black jumpsuit with tan loafers and tan waist belt, and a cropped denim jacket over the's a few snaps before I went out...

I hope everyones got lots of lovely plans for the bank holiday weekend!!
Loves xx


  1. Oooooh some really pretty clothes you got there. And the lashes OH... MY...GOD... bet ya was soooo chuffed with those babies. x x

  2. Ed Sheeran! Literally NO ONE I know listens to him!
    I haven't had my nails did~ in agesss, your's look lovely xx

  3. I couldn't believe it when I saw them on the counter! I might even go back and get another pack!

    Oooo I LOVE Ed Sheeran! Thanks hun :)


  4. Loveee the coral cardigan you got! I have that double fingered love ring too :)

  5. lovely buy's!

  6. Wow, it's fair to say I'm very jealous!
    Also, Love your cropped jacket.
    Just stumbled across you, great blog, I am now following :)

  7. I love your New Look buys! That shirt is gorgeous! x

  8. omg I absolutley love your blog! Please check out mine if you have time, it'd mean a lot! xx

  9. I loove that jumpsuit! and those ring are gorgeous :) i must follow you :D xx