Saturday, 21 May 2011

Don't leave me hanging on the telephone....

Beautiful day in the sunshine today, went to see my best friends cousins band at Music in the Mead in Hinckley and we were graced with beautiful weather. 

Anyway, I used this little beauty to do my hair this morning, my hair was due a wash and it was just a bit limp and rubbish, so it would be about the time I'd reach for the dark brown Batiste dry shampoo to bring it back to life. Instead this morning I tried their XXL Volume new spray...

(sorry these are the same pictures as yesterday, I didn't see any point of taking any more today!)

Anyway all I can say about this is WOW!
My hair this morning needed the straighteners over it before I'd even take a picture of it because I'd put it up wet yesterday! But anyway, this is how it looked to start with....

I admit my hair isn't totally flat but my hair never is. It's got quite a bit of movement to it and is really thick so never looks mega lank or greasy, and also my hair is used to only being washed twice a week. But to me, this is far too flat, I like my hair BIG.

So anyway after straightening I usually just backcomb and choke myself on hairspray until I get the desired effect. Today I didn't pick up a comb or my trusty Tresemme, and just gave Batiste XXL Volume a chance....

This is literally ALL down to the new Batiste spray, and it stayed like this all day. If it did flatten down a bit all I had to do was jjush it up with my hands and it went back to looking like this. Also, really loved the fact that it made me not want to put my extensions in. Think this is the first time I had my hair down extensionless and have been happy with it for over 12 months. 

The only tiny down point of this product is the fact it's a white spray, like the original dry shampoo. Which is fine because I do rub it in really well, but I personally would love to see a version for dark hair like they did with their original formula in a few months. Other than that, AMAZING and it will be a staple in my hair regime from now on.


  1. Hiya hun :)
    I love your blog, thanks for the comment on mine, I followed and read through all of your posts lol :)
    Could you do a whats in my bag?
    izzy ,3 xxx

  2. WOW! That's impressive!
    Any idea how much a bottle costs?

  3. Wow the results are amazingggg!!!! I need I need... :D x x

  4. I think it's £3.99 but I'm not sure. It's a bigger bottle than the standard ones out now as well. They're bringing out bigger bottles of the classic ones too!
    It literally is the best hair product I've ever used.
    And yes I was thinking of doing a what's in my bag post!!