Thursday, 5 May 2011

And so there's a huge gap in my life....

Yes, I will miss The Only Way Is Essex and I’m pretty much counting down the days until the next series, but WOW what a series!!

Favourite bits have got to be:

Bozo: more of him next series please. When Lauren was DJ’ing at Marks pool party and he was stood on the decks…CUTE!

The Kirk vs Maria fight: as much as I love both of them, god Kirk was a tosser! ‘You’re just an extra’ was a little below the belt for someone who was only trying to stick up for her best friend, and making her cry at Harry’s party was really unnecessary. Despite this, I have watched the clip countless times. Brilliant viewing.

Nanny Pat dressed as the Queen: Harry’s party was full of weird and very wonderful fancy dress ideas (apart from Mark…make some effort boy!) but Nanny Pat as The Queen stole the show. I mean come on, who else could she have been??

Gemma’s sales techniques: as soon as she walked onto the car forecourt in the attempt at selling Kirk a car, I knew I’d love her. Yes so she wears her heart on her sleeve (maybe the apple pie was a bit too far!) and she got far too attached to Mick too quickly, but then again that’s a girls prerogative and I’m sure we’ve all been there. I know I have, and I don’t think I coped with it with quite as much dignity as she did!

The Proposal: maybe the most unromantic, unspectacular proposal I’ve ever seen, but everybody took a moment to think ‘maybe he’s changed’ when Mark popped the question to Lauren after finding out she’d had her tattoo removed. Follow this with a string of silly arguments, him acting like a chauvinistic pic, being over protective about her leaving the house yet won’t have her picture on his bedroom wall, and of course the fantastic finale to season 2 with the ‘lets push Mark in the pool at his own party and everyone will cheer’ moment. More drama between those two than all the soaps put together. I cannot wait to see the wedding.

Sam embarrassing herself. Again. Telling Mark she loved him when he’s just proposed to Lauren made me feel both embarrassed for her and sad for her in equal measures. I know what it feels like to be ditched in the same way, but she could have kept her dignity. Not saying it wasn’t great viewing though.

Glamping: somebody take me???

Arg’s belly: no carbs before marbs Arg. Step away from the macaroons and go for a run. Marks constant jibes about Arg’s weight, and Lydias attempt to get him to a slimming class clearly have not made much difference as poor Arg is still carrying the pounds. Maybe next series he’ll have transformed into a greek god?

Joey Essex. I appreciate this isn’t a ‘moment’ but I couldn’t pick one. From his invention of the word ‘reem’ (and I’m happy top admit I overuse this A LOT) to his date with Sam at the dump with his Thomas the Tank Engine yogurts. Oh and don’t forget his trainers two sizes too small for him so they don’t get creases in ‘tall and reem’. His reem parties need to be making many appearances in season 3 though, and please let me comeee???? Oh and I nearly forgot the hairdryer/blowdryer situation. Yes Joey, they’re the same thing. He may ask to many questions ‘You having fun yea, you loving it? Fun though aint it? Did you enjoy yourself’ but he’s SO cute and maybe gets better looking every episode? But no Joey, you’re not part Spanish! ‘Ola!’


  1. Totally addicted to TOWIE!

    Joey cracks me up - the hairdryer/blowdryer situation made me laugh so much! I've been over using the word reem myself haha!

    I really wanted to give Gem a hug when she cried because of Mick at the party! Bless her! The best part was definitely Lauren pushing Mark in the pool - well deserved!


  2. Joey made me cringe at first but I ended up falling a little bit in love with him!!! x